Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Farewell, Summer.

It's a quiet, cloudy day at the troops.  I'm grateful.  We are organizing school supplies, trying on clothes, making lists, and cleaning out the "school lunch" part of the pantry.

I've learned over the years to use the quiet to prepare for the chaos.  Daughter (#2) has been cleaning out her room, going through clothes, making a pile for her dorm room.  We aren't done, yet, but she's getting close.  The younger girls are loving the hand-me-downs from their big sister.

We still have lots to do to be ready for school in three weeks.  Two-a-days and volleyball practice start next week, then two kids to move into college the next week, along with the usual back to school events.  This is our last week before school actives hit full force.

I'm ready and I'm not.

I haven't felt like I've had my act together at all this Summer.  It's been from one thing to another, from one trip to another, the sending off, the coming home, the busyness.  I'm ready for more of a consistent daily routine. It will be different with only six in school.  Only high school football, only Jr. High volleyball (instead of all four last year).  No senior, no 6th grader.

But on the other hand, we've had a sweet, wonderful Summer filled with so many precious moments. We enjoyed Son's (#1) speaking at his Impact 360 commissioning.  A 6th grade graduation and a senior graduation.  Two to Haiti, two to China, one to Honduras, and a wonderful week together (minus Son #1 - but we got to visit him!) in Breckenridge.

Lots of cousin time and sleepovers, July 4th with family and fireworks at the farm, swimming at friends' houses, sitting on the porch swing during rain storms, VBS, volleyball camp, and Falls creek.  And finally, last weekend, The Coach and I went to Atlanta for a College Launch seminar at Impact 360.

It's been a beautiful HUMID - but mild - Summer!  There has been a lot of hammocking, a lot of workouts, a lot of basketball, and many movie nights.

We are living in a crazy season.  Parenting both college age young adults and a 2nd grader, with everything in between. The Coach and I continue to learn how to navigate it more effectively - learning how to get along and work through things together - with a lot of help and input from those who have gone before.  It's a special, unique time in our lives and I'm loving it.

I guess the most amazing thing is watching these kids of ours grow up.  Own their faith.  Move forward in their lives and make decisions for their futures.  It's a beautiful thing to watch.  Especially when they still want our input now and then.  Ha!

Farewell, Summer.  You've been good to us.