Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thankful Thursday

We did JUST FINE while the Coach was gone.  Managed to keep it all going - juggling all of those plates in the air.  The kids were a huge help.  Having drivers to help with school trips and errands AND kids big enough to mow the lawn without help and fix a sprinkler head.  Life is way easier in some regards with teens.

But can I say. . . and I know I have in the past. . . and there really aren't words. . .

SO SO happy to have my man home!

It's not as traumatic to have him gone as it was when we had all little ones.  I'm grateful for that.  But there is nothing like being "on" constantly and not taking two seconds to catch your breath.  Even at night when I would lie down in bed. . . still on duty. . . listening. . . making sure everyone is settled and the house is shut down for nighttime.

It's exhausting.

I spent a great deal of my nighttime and even daytime praying for my sweet friends who are single moms.  It has to be incredibly tough.  I am exhausted after just eight days.  Enough said.  Each time the Coach is gone, the Lord brings them all to mind and I pray more fervently than ever that these mommas will feel God's LOVE for them.

But with all of that said. . . it's Thursday!

1.  Safe travels for my Coach.

2.  Fun memories made with Son (#4) in Williamsburg, DC, and Philly - he'll arrive home via bus sometime tomorrow night.

3.  Safety for the the troops while the Coach was gone.

4.  Teens who did SO MUCH to help this momma.

5.  Lunch with a sister-in-law and her four littles on Friday.

6.  Sweet friends who came for dinner on Friday night.

7.  Protection from the hail Friday night.

8.  Volleyball games on Saturday.

9.  Safe and fun Half Marathon on Sunday morning.

10.  Dinner with family on Sunday night.

11.  Dinner out with a friend on Monday night.

13.  Our school's community service project going smoothly, yesterday.

14. Chick-fil-A lunches with Grandparents (times two).

15.  The cold rain.  Sort of.

16.  Hearing the kids playing Hide and Seek around the house this morning with little friends who came to play.

17.  LOTS of projects completed while the Coach was gone. . .bills, receipts, filing, emails, insurance, new kitchen floor scheduled for next week.

Just. So. Blessed.

And I might possibly get a nap this afternoon.  Since it's cold and wet and my two at home would probably love to curl up a watch a movie.

Happy Thursday!