Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Well, it's quiet for a moment, here at the troops.

Daughter (#7) is playing "Library" at our desktop computer.  She gets stacks of books, types away on the keyboard and runs the books across the desk to "check them out".  Love it.

Little Man is watching "My Friend Rabbit" on Qubo.  Which I'm pretty thankful for, actually.  He's wearing me out.

Oh.  This is supposed to be a Thankful Thursday Post!   Ha!
Here goes:

1.  Thankful I don't feel any worse.  I've been without a voice since Monday night.  Although it's been harder to work with the kids while whispering, it hasn't been all bad.  BOY do I have a lot to say when I get my voice back, though!   Some one should probably warn the Coach.  Ha!

2.  Thankful my parents have had such sweet and patient attitudes in dealing with their current trial - extensive water/mold damage in the downstairs from a leaking refrigerator.  It looks like a war zone over there.  But they are OK.  In the end, they will have new floors, walls, some new kitchen cabinets and countertops.  Just a mess in the meantime.

3.  Thankful that Daughter (#6) is getting glasses next week (for reading) and praying that this will help with the headaches and difficulties at school.

4.  Thankful that Jr. High volleyball season is over on Monday.  Although we've had a great time!  Snacks and coloring books help make anything go more quickly for little ones!

5.  Thankful that all of the kids are doing SO well in school.  Even Daughter (#6) is making amazing strides.  I'm so grateful.  They have such amazing teachers!

6.  Thankful for Granddad's kind offer of Chick-fil-A, yesterday.  So nice.  And fun.

7.  Thankful that the Coach and I love each other unconditionally.  Between his hearing loss and my whispering, we've had less than little communication, lately.  And some frustration.  Yeah for e-mail!  Now I just need a white board for home.  Ha!

8.  Thankful that I finally got to see my sweet littlest nephew on Tuesday.  Wow.  Super cute.  Seriously.  :-)  He's #54 grandchild for the Coach's parents.  Unbelievable!

9.  Thankful for all of the laughter I've had at the expense of all the people who have whispered back at me since I've lost my voice.  Had two nephews and a niece here, yesterday, and those boys whispered the whole time they were here!  Ha!

10.  Fall.   I love Fall.  Love the cooler weather, the leaves falling, the gray skies.  Love that it reminds me of when I fell in love with the Coach.  Of looking for houses and wedding showers.  Love the pumpkins and pansies.  Mmmmmmm.  OH!  And chocolate chip pumpkin bread.  (glad I thought of that - doesn't it sound yummy?)

I'm off for now.  Need to get dinner ready to go in when we leave for school.  Need to fold last night's and this morning's laundry.  Need to fix lunch for these kiddos.  

At least I'm not spending any time talking on the phone.  Ha!

Happy Thursday!

OH!  I almost forgot!  I'm also thankful that Daughter (#5) got her new cast this week.  Shorter (yeah!) but still blue.

Friday, September 18, 2009

That explains it!

All week I've been running late.
Waking the kids too late.
Not enough time in the mornings.
Getting ready to go, then coming out to the kitchen to see that I'm late!
Late to get Little Man down to naps.
Late to pick up the kids.
Late to games.

What in the world?  I'm usually a punctual kind of girl (barring any child-caused catastrophe, anyway).

I figured it out this morning.

Our formerly "set ahead" clock (it was 12 minutes fast) is now the REAL, ACTUAL, time.


Of course it took me all week to realize this.  

Finally this morning, I asked the Coach about it.  He said he was tired of using it as an excuse.  So he changed it.  (Should I mention that he's the one who wanted it "fast" to begin with?  15 years ago?)

In the meantime, I'm forgiving him for not mentioning it to me.   And adjusting to the fact that I've lost 12 minutes somewhere.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday

The days are flying by, here at the troops.  With games four nights a week (football and volleyball), six in school, groceries, meals, cleaning, laundry. . . you know!  

But since it's Thursday, it's time to pause for a moment and remember a few things I am thankful for this week. 

1.  Daughter (#6) doing SO much better with school!  Even a tear free morning, yesterday!  Yeah!  I'm so grateful.  It's been a rough three weeks.

2.  Son (#1) scored TWO touchdowns on Monday night!  So much fun!  He loves football.  OH how he loves it!  I love watching him - and his Coach!  

3.  Daughter (#2) has improved SO much on her serving in volleyball.  I think she had 7 or 8 really good serves Tuesday afternoon.  Really enjoying seeing her improve.

4.  Started back to BSF on Tuesday (at least I will if there is a spot available for me after next week's intro).  Little Man went for his first time and loved it.  Daughter (#7) was so happy to go back.  Really fun to be with my mom, sister-in-law and another dear friend.  

5.  Daughter's (#5) blue cast is filled up with happy blue signatures.  She's doing really well with it - at school all week - and looking forward to a shorter cast (and more signing!) on Monday.

6.  Getting settled into the school routine.  So grateful that teachers haven't assigned any big projects, yet.  We've just barely been getting it all done, as it is! 

7.  New crepe myrtles for the back fence - and some new hydrangeas for one of the front flower beds.  How fun is that?

8.  Lots of rain!  I know some of you don't like the cloudy, cool and sunless days.  But me?  I love it!  I don't know why - maybe it just feels good to "cozy in" and enjoy being indoors and getting things done.  The best part of all?  Not having to water!  Ha!

9.  Date nights with my Coach.  I know it much easier for us now that we have built-in babysitters, but getting to spend time with my favorite person in the world most Saturday nights?  It's wonderful!  Can you tell I'm already looking forward to it?

10.  FALL!  I love Fall.  It's my favorite season.  It the busiest for us, for sure.  But I love the cooler weather, falling leaves, football and most of all?  It reminds me of when I fell in love with the Coach - 15 years ago - in the Fall.

You know what I'm the MOST grateful for this week?  That even though we live in this world (with the good and the bad), deal with money and STUFF and budgets and schedules and things wearing out and breaking and going very wrong. . . that we have hope in Christ that this isn't all there is.  Some days?  Things are really great wonderful amazing here at the troops.  But some days?  It's the hope of heaven that reminds me to keep on keeping on.

Isn't God good to TELL us that this isn't all that there is?  Makes it possible to ENJOY life here on earth and remember what really matters.

Happy Thursday!

And now we're off to the grocery store. . . 

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I want to stop, this morning, and purpose to be thankful.  It's so very important.  Somehow by the time we get to Thursday, every week, I'm tired.  So very much going on.  It makes a huge difference in my attitude to stop for a minute and think about all of God's blessings this week.  It doesn't change the hard things.  But somehow, when I'm remembering all of the good, the hard isn't so hard, anymore.

1.  God's abundant provision.  We've had a few medical bills this year (are you laughing, yet?).  God always provides.  I sometimes don't know how it will all work, but He always takes care of us.
2.  A GOOD day, yesterday, for Daughter (#6), at school.  This morning was horrible, but we have yesterday's success to give us hope.  I'm taking it!
3.  Good start to Son's (#1) football season on Tuesday night.  He LOVES football.  LOVES it.  I love watching him because he enjoys it so much.
4.  Daughter's (#2) eyes are much better.  Thank you, Lord!
5.  An appointment for Daughter (#5) to get her cast first thing tomorrow morning.  I've enjoyed some extra time with her this week - she stayed home yesterday (and today) - there's so little she can actually DO with her one hand, at school.  Hoping once the cast in on, she'll have more movement and that her hand will no be so sore.
6.  Grocery shopping done, yesterday.  It gets done every week, but I don't always look forward to it, or know how we will fit it in.  Love the feeling of having it done, though!
7.  A mom who helps me so very much.  I've said it before, but it bears repeating.  What WOULD I do without her?
8.  Best place for a one-armed girl to find cute games to play!
9.  A day to stay home and get caught up a bit.  (If I don't get a call from school, anyway!)
10.  Simple goals for the day, today.  Bathrooms need to be cleaned, checkbook needs to be balanced.  Everything else is optional.  Ha!  Well, except for the kids, laundry and the cooking, I guess!
11.  Volleyball this afternoon, football tomorrow night and volleyball on Saturday.  Tis the season!
12.  A husband who takes time to teach our kids.  Family night (Wednesday evening) is my favorite!  I love that he plans and reads and studies so he can share something with our kids that will encourage them.  Right now we are working through "Worldliness" by CJ Mahaney.

That's it for today.  Even with simple goals, it will be a miracle if I get them done.  So I should get going!  Blessings on your week - take time to remember all that YOU have to be grateful for this week!

And I'd LOVE a comment telling me something that you are thankful for on this Thursday!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Want an exciting life?

I can't let the day go by without posting all that's gone on here.
Because you will laugh!

We started the weekend with the Coach's first football game Friday night.  After a HARD week with Daughter (#6) and school.  HARD.  I can't remember the last time I have been that emotionally exhausted.  Ugh.

The football game?  Well. . . we got creamed.  In the worst way.

Headed home to tuck in the little ones and wait for the Coach.  He's so good - knows it's just a game and he did all he could.  Not like when we were first married and a loss ruined the whole weekend!

As I was putting the three little girls to bed, I noticed that Daughter (#5) looked worn out.  Out of habit, I placed my hand on her forehead.  On fire!  Couldn't believe it.  She had a temp of 102.5.  

Saturday morning, we slept in a bit (always do after football games) and soon found 4 or 5 or 6 of the kids in bed with us talking and laughing.  It's a tradition.  :-)  Anyway, as we were lying there, the power went off!

I'm SO not kidding!  

It was off for a few hours, we had to postpone the Saturday morning waffles.  No way to cook them!  Turns out a squirrel chewed through the line behind our house.  Ha!

Daughter (#2) woke up with a horrible eye infection.  We started antibiotic drops immediately and she left her contacts out.  It's not any better, tonight, though.

Saturday was somewhat quiet - after the power came on - we caught up around the house a bit.  The Coach took Son (#3) to the pet store to get the LONG awaited fish (he got the tank for his birthday LAST weekend and we've been prepping the tank and testing water until it was ready to be inhabited).

I did catch up on the laundry from Friday.  Nice to have that done.  And finished a great book.  "Candle in the Darkness" by Lynn Austin.  Enjoyed it.

Then we headed over to my parents for the two football games of the day.  Daughter (#5) went along and slept on the couch.  My sweet mother bathed all of the other little ones and the big boys showered, so we could stay a bit longer.

Of course the first game was good and the second (Coach's favorite college team) was . . .  well. . . they got creamed, too!

This morning, the Coach went to church with six kids while I stayed home with the formerly feverish and the Little Man.  No fever today, though!

After a nice Sunday lunch, we packed up and headed to the farm.  The kids LOVE the farm.  I've told you about what we do there - four wheelers, rangers, pond, canoe - it's paradise for our kids.  They hit the vehicles with the Coach and I took a nap!  Yeah!  Soon, Grandmother and Granddad arrived with the food.  We sat down and played Skipbo (about 8 of us, anyway) and were about to fix dinner when. . . 

In came little Daughter (#5) holding her arm.  Well, she was driving one of the little four wheelers and turned to look behind her - and hit a tree!  She was going slowly, wearing a helmet and didn't even fall off!  But her arm. . . ugh.  Her big brother loaded her up on his ranger and brought her back to the house.  It looked awful!

The Coach and I loaded her up in Granddad's car and headed into town.  My parents (who really are too kind for words) stayed to feed the kids and pack up.  We talked to a friend of ours (who took care of the other two arm injuries this year) and he met us at the Orthopedic ER (thank you Lord - no Emergency Room at the hospital!).

She broke it, alright!  BOTH bones - all the way through - separated.  Nasty.

Right there (because it was the right place to be!) they put her to sleep and put it straight.  The only time she cried was when they did her IV.  Four times!  Bless her heart.  The nurse said when she saw her, she thought she was about four years old.  She's SO tiny!  They weighed her to calculate the meds- 45 lbs.  And almost 8 years old.  :-)

Her arm is nice and straight, now.  She had an extremely kind and gentle doctor.  He was great with her!  In a splint for now.  Got her a Sonic Cherry Sprite on the way home to wash down her Tylenol and Motrin.   She'll get a cast after 7-10 days.


My amazing parents fed the other 7 at the farm, loaded everyone up, beat us back to the house and had already bathed the youngest three, when we got here.  I told you they were beyond belief wonderful!

Went to check on Peanut (Daughter - #5) a minute ago to see if she needed anything.  Tucked her in, turned and reached out to close the closet door.  And guess what I found?  Little Man.  Sleeping half in, half out of the girls' closet.

Want an exciting life?  Have a houseful of kids.  I'm telling you, life is NEVER dull.  :-)

Happy Labor Day! 

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Although I started a post, yesterday, it just didn't get done!
I'm going to persevere and post a thankful list today.

"In every thing GIVE THANKS:  for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."  I Th. 5:18

1.  Thankful for sweet friends who call and say, "I know how you feel!" and "I'll pray for her!".
2.  Thankful for sweet friends who bring lunch and playmates for my little ones.
3.  Thankful for a mom who insists on helping, even when I say I don't need it, but I really do.
4.  Thankful for a husband who doesn't give up on me, even when I'm grumpy.
5.  Thankful for a new day.
6.  Thankful for God's abundant provision of everything we need.  
7.  Thankful for healthy children.
8.  Thankful for the laughter that Little Man brings to our home - even if he kept me up all night.
9.  Thankful for Daughter's (#6) teacher who is doing everything possible to help her adjust to school - even though right now she's miserable.
10.  Thankful for the love I have for my kids that brings me such joy, even when it's hard.
11.  Thankful for a three day weekend!  Woo hoo!
12.  Thankful for the unusually cool late Summer weather - delightful!
13.  Thankful for caffeine.
14.  Thankful for birthdays - Son's (#3) - and new fish tanks.
15.  Thankful for the anticipation of new fish (maybe tomorrow?).
16.  Thankful for the hope of a nap for all of us this afternoon.
17.  Thankful that school hasn't had to call me, yet, this morning.
18.  Thankful for a house that we enjoy.
19.  Thankful for a beautiful big yard.
20.  Thankful for two cars that run - one of them is even big enough for the whole family!
21.  Thankful that God answers prayer.
22.  Thankful that His grace is sufficient.
23.  Thankful that Little Man's hair is really short - since I have to wash various things out of it several times each day.
24.  Thankful for God's faithfulness - strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.
25.  Thankful for the new Keith and Kristyn Getty CD that I ordered with a birthday gift certificate.  Especially "The Power of the Cross".
26.  Thankful that my kids are quick to forgive me when I am impatient.
27.  Thankful that my shoulder is feeling better.
28.  Thankful that five of the kids are doing GREAT in school.  Loving it, doing well and are happy.
29.  Thankful for the humility that the Coach and I are learning with the other child who isn't.
30.  Thankful that we've survived the week and it's Friday!

Happy Labor Day weekend!  

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Side benefits

We're into our first full week of school, here at the troops.
And BOY are we tired!

But we are experiencing a strange phenomenon.

Everyone is sleeping.


Through the night!

I can't tell you how many nights in the Summer I spent shuffling kids back to bed, giving "stuffy nose medicine" and Papaya for upset tummies. . . changing Little Man's diaper (in the middle of the night!), putting him back into the crib.  Over and over and over.  Have I mentioned that we are raising a crew of sleep-walkers?  (another story for another day, I suppose)

Talk about exhausted!

But since school started?  No one has woken us up once!  They even go to sleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.  


I realize that they are just extra worn out.  Getting up earlier along with a much busier schedule.  

But these quiet nights are wonderful!

Now if I could actually go to bed at a decent hour, myself - maybe I could catch up some of the sleep I lost this Summer.