Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I want to stop, this morning, and purpose to be thankful.  It's so very important.  Somehow by the time we get to Thursday, every week, I'm tired.  So very much going on.  It makes a huge difference in my attitude to stop for a minute and think about all of God's blessings this week.  It doesn't change the hard things.  But somehow, when I'm remembering all of the good, the hard isn't so hard, anymore.

1.  God's abundant provision.  We've had a few medical bills this year (are you laughing, yet?).  God always provides.  I sometimes don't know how it will all work, but He always takes care of us.
2.  A GOOD day, yesterday, for Daughter (#6), at school.  This morning was horrible, but we have yesterday's success to give us hope.  I'm taking it!
3.  Good start to Son's (#1) football season on Tuesday night.  He LOVES football.  LOVES it.  I love watching him because he enjoys it so much.
4.  Daughter's (#2) eyes are much better.  Thank you, Lord!
5.  An appointment for Daughter (#5) to get her cast first thing tomorrow morning.  I've enjoyed some extra time with her this week - she stayed home yesterday (and today) - there's so little she can actually DO with her one hand, at school.  Hoping once the cast in on, she'll have more movement and that her hand will no be so sore.
6.  Grocery shopping done, yesterday.  It gets done every week, but I don't always look forward to it, or know how we will fit it in.  Love the feeling of having it done, though!
7.  A mom who helps me so very much.  I've said it before, but it bears repeating.  What WOULD I do without her?
8.  Best place for a one-armed girl to find cute games to play!
9.  A day to stay home and get caught up a bit.  (If I don't get a call from school, anyway!)
10.  Simple goals for the day, today.  Bathrooms need to be cleaned, checkbook needs to be balanced.  Everything else is optional.  Ha!  Well, except for the kids, laundry and the cooking, I guess!
11.  Volleyball this afternoon, football tomorrow night and volleyball on Saturday.  Tis the season!
12.  A husband who takes time to teach our kids.  Family night (Wednesday evening) is my favorite!  I love that he plans and reads and studies so he can share something with our kids that will encourage them.  Right now we are working through "Worldliness" by CJ Mahaney.

That's it for today.  Even with simple goals, it will be a miracle if I get them done.  So I should get going!  Blessings on your week - take time to remember all that YOU have to be grateful for this week!

And I'd LOVE a comment telling me something that you are thankful for on this Thursday!


Jo said...

THankful today for a school room. I know its an added perk and certainly not necessary to homeschool but how wonderful to have a place to put all the junk.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for encouraging friends like you!

Blommom said...

I'm thankful for a washing machine that inexplicably worked for 3 more days when the repairman said it shouldn't. All the laundry is done except the baby's (and a load of wet towels the repair man used to test the machine). I'm thankful that the only load I didn't finish is the one for Anna who has the most clothes right now. I think I can go until next week without a washer. God is good. He will provide a way to get a new washer. Now we are just in the wait-and-see-how-this-one-will-work-out phase. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

Beth said...

I am thankful for a new church family that has a mom's morning out so that I can have a break and get my grocery shopping done without the kids. I know that you can appreciate this!!! And, my kids LOVE "playtime" at church!!!

Anonymous said...

I am very thankful for grass seeds planted around the new porch. For the pile of black dirt left for a few more projects. For the stones to be finished around the base of the house! I am so thankful for a husband who has decided to take one child a week out with him to encourage them and help them to grow. I get every 6th week- a nice bonus to the whole plan!
God is good!

Corrie said...

I'm thankful for Friday - my home day!- that comes right after Thursdays - my crazy day.:-)

And I hope I'm gonna get a call or email in to my favorite blogger soon. :-)

Zimms Zoo said...

hmmm......I am still trying to think. You know the week you had last week, we are having this week.

I got it!! I am thankful I will get to go to a ladies bible study tonight! (barring anymore sick baby needs mommy stuff)

sethswifeforlife said...

What a thankful season....I need to get back into thankful Thursdays again. A good reminder when I read yours today, so I posted one too.
I'm especially thankful today for RAIN in south Texas. We've needed it SO badly!

Lori said...

Love your list! I have to say that I'm thankful for a homeschool room also! It IS really nice to have a place where the school stuff all belongs. I fell really blessed to have it!