Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Side benefits

We're into our first full week of school, here at the troops.
And BOY are we tired!

But we are experiencing a strange phenomenon.

Everyone is sleeping.


Through the night!

I can't tell you how many nights in the Summer I spent shuffling kids back to bed, giving "stuffy nose medicine" and Papaya for upset tummies. . . changing Little Man's diaper (in the middle of the night!), putting him back into the crib.  Over and over and over.  Have I mentioned that we are raising a crew of sleep-walkers?  (another story for another day, I suppose)

Talk about exhausted!

But since school started?  No one has woken us up once!  They even go to sleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.  


I realize that they are just extra worn out.  Getting up earlier along with a much busier schedule.  

But these quiet nights are wonderful!

Now if I could actually go to bed at a decent hour, myself - maybe I could catch up some of the sleep I lost this Summer.  


Brooke said...

We had our first sleep walker (Hannah) last night... she SAID she was awake, but wasn't making any sense. This morning, she didn't remember it... I was also a sleep walker, and would have conversations w/ my sleeping sister while I was asleep as well. Weirdness.

MyShannonigans said...

Love to hear sleepwalker stories. We have one and we all get a good laugh when I share. Typically I am the one that sees it because mom is the one up that is up! Definitely feeling for you on the decent hour of sleep! Our crew too...hits the pillow and they are all out!

Sumer said...

Ohhhh! The benefits of school! Glad you are finally sleeping.

Stephanie Harbin said...

How funny! We are just the opposite. We sleep better in summer. I think because it is less stressful. Now, we can't make ourselves go to bed on time and if we do, we have a hard time relaxing.

Jamie S. said...

Yay for more sleep! We have a sleep walker also. I love to repeat the conversations with this child the next day!

Squirly Girls said...

We have the same strange thing going on at our house right now. Everyone asleep by 8:45? I didn't think it was possible, but we are loving every minute of it.

Anonymous said...

So glad for sleep! I hope that you can catch some extra sleep with the rest!