Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Well, it's quiet for a moment, here at the troops.

Daughter (#7) is playing "Library" at our desktop computer.  She gets stacks of books, types away on the keyboard and runs the books across the desk to "check them out".  Love it.

Little Man is watching "My Friend Rabbit" on Qubo.  Which I'm pretty thankful for, actually.  He's wearing me out.

Oh.  This is supposed to be a Thankful Thursday Post!   Ha!
Here goes:

1.  Thankful I don't feel any worse.  I've been without a voice since Monday night.  Although it's been harder to work with the kids while whispering, it hasn't been all bad.  BOY do I have a lot to say when I get my voice back, though!   Some one should probably warn the Coach.  Ha!

2.  Thankful my parents have had such sweet and patient attitudes in dealing with their current trial - extensive water/mold damage in the downstairs from a leaking refrigerator.  It looks like a war zone over there.  But they are OK.  In the end, they will have new floors, walls, some new kitchen cabinets and countertops.  Just a mess in the meantime.

3.  Thankful that Daughter (#6) is getting glasses next week (for reading) and praying that this will help with the headaches and difficulties at school.

4.  Thankful that Jr. High volleyball season is over on Monday.  Although we've had a great time!  Snacks and coloring books help make anything go more quickly for little ones!

5.  Thankful that all of the kids are doing SO well in school.  Even Daughter (#6) is making amazing strides.  I'm so grateful.  They have such amazing teachers!

6.  Thankful for Granddad's kind offer of Chick-fil-A, yesterday.  So nice.  And fun.

7.  Thankful that the Coach and I love each other unconditionally.  Between his hearing loss and my whispering, we've had less than little communication, lately.  And some frustration.  Yeah for e-mail!  Now I just need a white board for home.  Ha!

8.  Thankful that I finally got to see my sweet littlest nephew on Tuesday.  Wow.  Super cute.  Seriously.  :-)  He's #54 grandchild for the Coach's parents.  Unbelievable!

9.  Thankful for all of the laughter I've had at the expense of all the people who have whispered back at me since I've lost my voice.  Had two nephews and a niece here, yesterday, and those boys whispered the whole time they were here!  Ha!

10.  Fall.   I love Fall.  Love the cooler weather, the leaves falling, the gray skies.  Love that it reminds me of when I fell in love with the Coach.  Of looking for houses and wedding showers.  Love the pumpkins and pansies.  Mmmmmmm.  OH!  And chocolate chip pumpkin bread.  (glad I thought of that - doesn't it sound yummy?)

I'm off for now.  Need to get dinner ready to go in when we leave for school.  Need to fold last night's and this morning's laundry.  Need to fix lunch for these kiddos.  

At least I'm not spending any time talking on the phone.  Ha!

Happy Thursday!

OH!  I almost forgot!  I'm also thankful that Daughter (#5) got her new cast this week.  Shorter (yeah!) but still blue.


Lori said...

Thankful for you, friend! Hope you get your voice back and feel better soon! Love you list. Going to go post one too!

Jen S said...

Great list! 54 grandchildren! Wow! I can't wait for it to feel like fall here. It's 100 today! Hope you get your voice back soon. It's funny that people are whispering back to you. :)

Anonymous said...

Fall- apples, cooler weather, leaves changing, I like Fall as well. Pray your voice returns soon! I think we better try that pumpkin bread, sounds good. If I read about it before, I guess I forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder!