Friday, October 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I missed yesterday, completely.

In a blog sort of way.  

But when Little Man smeared Vaseline all over the girl's bathroom AND himself, yesterday, during naptime, I was issued to challenge to find something in THAT to be grateful for.


Not sure I'm up for it, but how about this?

1.  Thankful that Little Man's skin is even more baby soft after the liberal application of Vaseline to his arms and legs, yesterday.

2.  Thankful that the girl's bathroom is cleaner (although I keep finding more Vaseline), now.

3.  Thankful for our sweet sitter, A, who is here after spending the night.  How fun is that?  Even got the kids all off to school - in spite of the fact that I'm sure they all wanted to stay home!

4.  Homecoming football game tonight.  We might freeze, but it will be fun!

5.  Mom and Dad coming home, tonight, after a week in Florida.  We've missed them!

6.  Sweet sister-in-law to walk with in the afternoon, yesterday, after school.  12 kids playing in the front yard - too fun!

7.  Fabulous Chai Tea AT HOME!  Thanks to my friend, S, who brought me some!  If you are a Chai fan, it's "Tazo Chai Latte" concentrate.  Just add your skim milk.  Yum!

8.  Berry Scones to go with our tea - brought from the tea room by Sweet Sitter, A!

9.  Late night grocery shopping at Wal-mart last night.  Which means waking up and NOT having that on my list, today!

10.  A trip to the Farmer's Market last week which yielded pumpkins and pansies for the front porch.  Now if I can just keep Little Man from digging in the flower pots and carrying the pumpkins all over the yard!

11.  Being back in BSF.  I missed my first week, since the kids were out of school and we went to the farm (no broken arms!).  But I'm already grateful for the two lessons I've done.  So good to be back into a Bible Study.

12.  Date night.  Without it, I'm pretty sure I'd be a basket case during football season.  Wait, don't ask the Coach - he would probably say I'm a basket case, anyway!  But think how much WORSE it would be if we didn't get out by ourselves for a couple of hours every weekend.  Ha!

Off to get the day going.

Happy Friday, All!


Squirly Girls said...

Those are beautiful arrangements. It's a good thing you are writing down the little man stories so you can have a good laugh later.

Shannonigans said...

Loved the whole thing! It is good to be reminded what we are thankful for when our little ones grace us with extra work we have no time for...LOL

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday to you too! Have fun with the Coach! :)

Lori said...

Love your list! So sorry about the vaseline. Always a motivator for a Thankful list! ha! :) Hope you have a great weekend friend!