Saturday, October 3, 2009

Laugh or Go Crazy

Someone asked me, yesterday, what it's like in a household with eight kids, teens down to toddlers.  Here's a glimpse into our Saturday here at the troops:

1:00 this afternoon found:

The Coach?  Home working in the yard, after a morning of watching film of last night's game with the team.
Son #1?  At an Africa picture party with my parents and nephew, after mowing the back yard this morning.
Daughter #2?  Had a cousin over, after visiting with Sweet Sitter, A, and helping me around the house this morning.  Went to another cousin's house around the corner.
Son #3?  Sick.  Fever.  At home.
Son #4?  With cousin at other grandparent's house playing football.
Daughter #5?  Getting the girl's room cleaned up after having Sweet Sitter, A, spend the night last night and stay for donuts this morning.
Daughter #6?  With me in the car, taking. . .
Daughter #7?  And a cousin to a birthday party at a friend's house.
Little Man?  Following the Coach around the yard, but going down for a nap.

The Coach didn't end up getting much done in the yard - because Little Man didn't take a nap. #1 did enjoy the party (and I managed to get some brownies made for him to take), but was late getting home.  #2 had fun with cousins (but I'm sure they were exposed to the virus that #3 has).  #3 is still running a fever, but slept and watched movies all day (he's determined to follow me around all of the time when I'm home - what are the chances I won't get sick, too?).  #4 played hard all day, but has a tummy ache.  #5 got a bath tonight, but that cast sure is getting dirty!  #6 hung with me while the little girls were at the party.  She's sporting her new glasses and we talked all about Webkinz and school and her A.G. doll.  #7 came home with a kitty cat face and lots of treats.  And Little Man?  He was pretty tired, tonight, but LOVES the new jammies that Grandmother brought from Florida (size 3?  Seriously?  Where IS my baby?).

The Coach and I enjoyed an early dinner out and a few errands, tonight, while the kids ate pizza.  Came home to do baths and put the youngest four (and the sickie) to bed.  And now we're watching the football game and eating popcorn, while the laundry runs and the windows are open letting in a cool Fall breeze.  And washing our hands frequently.  Ha!

My eyes are starting to cross.  Think I'll say goodnight to my football fans and call it a day.

And here comes one of the little girls walking in her sleep.  

Happy Saturday!


sethswifeforlife said...

I do some of both around here, as you probably do too. Laugh AND go crazy! And PRAY & SLEEP!

Lori said...

For me, it's an AND at this point. :) Love your post. Thanks for sharing! You are always such an encouragement to me!

Zimms Zoo said...

Gosh that sounds just like our life right now. We all ended up getting the stomach flu, except the zookeeper. Hopefully he won't get it too.

I remember the days of bathing kids with casts. I am praying we don't do that again.

Thanks for the laugh and encouragement.

jo said...

Wow Girl. I'm taking a nap on your behalf today. Be blessed!!!! wink. :) love you.

Shannonigans said...

haha...I was just laughing yesterday thinking if people could see our family they would be amazed that anything gets accomplished. Pretty sure nothing we started finished! So many distractions and personalities! LOVED your post!

Sumer said...

Casts, sickies, night walkers ~ gee Mrs. Troop do you have a lot of kids? :) Laugh away girl, or we might all lose it! Great list.