Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1.  Thankful for the rain and thunder (every time he hears it, Little Man runs, grabs my legs, and says "THUNDER, Momma, THUNDER!" - which is better than when he used to say, "It GET me!" because Daughter #2 told him it was a tiger).  We've had a lot of rain, but I don't mind.  It's cozy and we don't have to water!

2.  Thankful that Son #1 is low maintenance.  Because he's home sick.  And other than hanging around trying to infect everyone, he hasn't been any trouble.

3.  Thankful that Son #1's knee is going to be OK after hurting it in Monday night's game.  We spent the morning, Tuesday, at the Orthopedic and getting a brace, but his ACL is OK and nothing is broken.  Kind of depressing that we spend so much time there, but I'm grateful that they take such good care of us.

4.  Thankful for Netflix - and instant play episodes of "Mythbusters", "Survivor Man" and "Future Weapons" to occupy Son #1.

5.  Baked potatoes and Salad with Chicken on top for dinner.  Yumm!

6.  Library.  I may pay my share of fines and the cost of lost books, but it's SO worth all of the books we check out.  My six are READERS of the most earnest sort.

7.  Naptime.  Because Little Man wears me out.  Especially today.

8.  Haircuts.  Got mine, yesterday - and ahhhhhhh.

9.  Kids old enough to babysit.  Most of the time someone is here who is old enough and responsible enough to stay with whoever doesn't want to go along.  I don't take it for granted - I remember the days of 5 kids 6 and under.  Ha!

10.  Baby gifts from here.  Love them.  Order lots of them for sweet friends and nieces and nephews.  So sweet.

11.  Son #3's new fish.  We lost two of the original three - and it took awhile to get the water to test alright.  But it finally did this week and we've added three more fish to the family.

12.  Good friends who don't mind talking to Little Man when they call.  He's all about talking on the phone, and only a good friend would listen to him talk about hitting his head on the door and his animals and the thunder.  That's friendship!  

Happy Thursday, All!  


jo said...

Such a sweet memory filled list today friend. Thanks for sharing.

Squirly Girls said...

Sounds like your fall is going well. My Piper loves to talk on the phone too. They'll have to call each other:)