Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This post is dedicated to the passengers on two "luxury motor coaches" driving somewhere in Virginia, due to arrive in Williamsburg sometime tonight.  Especially Melissa.  (grin)

1.  A absolutely beautiful day!  Makes it hard to believe there has been such severe weather and tragic loss of life in parts of our nation.  Our prayers are with those who are suffering.  Stories like this one will make you cry.  And then hold tightly to your loved ones.

2.  Safety for the Coach and Son #3 on their travels through the severe weather.  Sounds like the trip is going well so far.  And they are almost to Williamsburg - one of my favorite places EVER (and I've been a lot of places in the world).  My mother faithfully instilled in me a love for all things early American.  If you've seen her house, you understand what I mean!  

3.  Healthy kids.  And no encore of Sunday's nasty stomach virus.  Thank you, Lord!

4. The basic comforts of life.  Realizing that some are without these things today makes me more aware of what blessings they are.  Home.  Food.  Soft beds (as Little Man would tell you).  New carpet.  Clean clothes.  Vehicles that are dependable (especially since I've been making the trek to school twice each day).  Hot showers.  Plumbing.  Running water.  The list is endless, really.

5.  That my parents are home from their travels to East TX this week.  (big sigh of relief)  I'm sure the audience was blessed to have them at the homeschool conference.  I know my dad's session was fabulous!  But I will admit the comfort of knowing they are back safe and sound and only 3 miles away!

6.  Sonic Diet D.P.  (don't tell the Coach, Melissa!)  I know it's a luxury.  But some days you just NEED it.

7.  Lunch with sweet friends and their precious little ones and YUMMY grilled cheese sandwiches. . . it was delightful!  Thanks to the amazing Amanda!

8.  A GREAT night's sleep.  What an answer to prayer.  Truly Benadryl is a gift from God.  And the kids?  All slept like teenagers.  HA!  (We've been discussing that the expression "slept like a baby" is not really accurate, but we KNOW how teenagers sleep around here!)

9.  Dinner in the oven and smelling yummy.  It's not HEALTHY, but it's yummy.  And the kids love it and can handle the calories.  (See how they are out jumping on the trampoline while I sit here at the desk?)

10.  1/2 marathon training OVER.  Whew.  Two miles to WALK tomorrow, and then it's downhill to Sunday morning.  I'm excited!  Not about the weather forecast, but about seeing how it goes.  

11.  A friend to run with.  When we found out that the Coach would be out of town. . . and then that my Mom wouldn't be able to run with me. . . I was BUMMED.  Think 13.1 miles of pain - without someone to laugh with.  But God, in His providence (that's for you American Christian History Tour friends), provided.  Yay!

12.  Help from our sweet sitter on Sunday morning getting the kids downtown, finding me, providing my own personal cheering section for the finish.  Can't wait!

And now, sweet people, it's time to be off.  I am so grateful for your prayers for us.  God is so good.  He'd still be good even if things were ROUGH here, but I'm praising Him for the blessings, right now.

Enjoy your Thursday!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reminding myself. . .

Things are hopping here at the troops.

I know that's nothing new. 

But normally. . . no matter how busy it gets. . . or how many different directions we are going. . .

The Coach and I?

We are a team.

A great team, in my humble opinion.

I'm glad we depend on each other.  I'm glad I need him so desperately to keep me focused and help me take deep breaths when I start to panic.  I'm glad he needs me to find things for him.  Ha!

We balance each other in so many ways.

And without him?  I'm seriously UNbalanced.

Tomorrow, he and Son #3 leave for Washington DC.  Our school's wonderful 6th grade government tour.  The Coach was blessed to be able to go with Son #1, 3 years ago.  I was blessed to be able to go with Daughter #2, two years ago.

And now it's his turn, again.

I know things are different than they were three years ago.  Or even last year when he went to Brazil for a long stretch.  Kids are older.  Schedule is busier.  He's not taking my "oldest" this time.  They will be here to pitch in.

But I'll miss him so much.

God provided for him to go, and I'm so grateful.

It will be wonderful for the two of them to do this together and share these memories.  Wonderful, precious, life-long memories.

And as another bonus, at least the Coach and I have texting on our phones now.  (smile)

The Lord keeps bringing back to mind my favorite verses from our BSF Isaiah study this year:

"Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? there is no searching of his understanding.

He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength."  Is. 40:28,29
I DO faint. I DO grow weary.  Discouraged, disheartened, overwhelmed, frustrated. . .

But the Lord?  His might is endless.  His strength is available to me.  ME!

Yes, I am looking at 9 days without my Coach.
Yes, we have an extremely busy schedule these two weeks.
Yes, Daughter #5 is still recovering from the stomach flu and I realize the whole houseful of troops could get sick.
Yes, I am running a 1/2 marathon on Sunday morning.
Yes, I have trouble sleeping without the Coach.
Yes, I will have to do all of the driving to and from school, practice, doctor's appointments, parties, etc.

I look ahead and see that I do NOT have the strength or ability to handle this on my own.

(although it's great practice for when the Coach and Daughter #2 will be in Honduras and Son #1 will be in Mexico for mission trips in June!)

BUT He gives power to the faint.

HE gives strength those who are weak.

(that's me!)

Thank you, Lord for your provision.
For the blessing of your timing.
For the opportunity of this trip.

And the strength to do what needs to be done these next 9 days.

I am trusting the Lord.  I am depending on HIM to enable me, give me discernment, wisdom, and the physical "might" to get it all done.

If the Lord brings us to mind, would you pray for our family during these next two weeks?  I would be so grateful!

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Well, that explains a lot!

We've been having some discussions here at the troops about some of the differences in the way that men and women think.

It all started when Daughter #2 wanted the Coach to help her figure out her ride to her volleyball tournament last Saturday.  Except the Coach was watching how to videos on texturing walls on the laptop. So I had to explain to her that it wasn't that he didn't care, his mind was focused on something else.  But she couldn't understand why watching a video meant he couldn't ALSO think about her ride predicament.

Since she's a female and all.

Then at lunch yesterday, with my mom, she and I were talking (as we always do), moving from one topic to another with lightening speed.  One of the boys said, "What does THAT have to do with THAT and how did you start talking about THAT when you hadn't even finished saying what you started to say about THAT???"

Now if YOU are a female (I'll assume most of you are, since you are reading my blog, which my brother has informed me is, "Nice, but too girly for me."), you know exactly what we were doing.

But my sons?

It was perplexing to them.

So Grandmother (Who is always teaching the kids something.  Always.  Just ask them.) began to explain that boys brains are like boxes that open and close.  Everything has it's own box.  Only one box is open at a time.  No box touches any other box. And they even have a NOTHING box (I'm so jealous of that.).  They can open and close those boxes at will.  When they are thinking about "work", they aren't thinking about "home".  But they can drive home and close the "work" box and open the "home" box.

Girls, on the other hand, have brains like spaghetti (which my boys found HYSTERICAL) and each thing is like a string that touches every other string.  It's all there.  All the time.  Connected to everything else. The only time something is "out" of our thinking, is when it's solved or finished or taken care of.  Otherwise, it's there.  Always there.

(This may or may not be why I am SO tired all of the time!)

She also told them that when you ask a guy what he's thinking about and he says, "Nothing."  He means it.  I added that when you ask a girl what she's thinking about and she says, "Nothing," she's probably mad at you.


My kids found this all very interesting and there was lots of, "That's true!" and "I'm like that." heard around the table.

Then at dinner that night, we started discussing it, again.  Daughter explaining that it all started because she couldn't get dad's attention when he was watching something on the computer.

Son #1 said, "Yeah.  It's true.  Like at lunch, when we were talking about this?  I was thinking, 'Food'.  Then a car would go by, outside, and I'd think, 'Cool car!'.  Then when the car was gone I'd think, 'Food!'"

At this point, I was laughing so hard I thought I'd be sick.
Another good illustration of this difference is using the idea of a computer desktop.  Men open ONE window at a time.  Before they open another window, they close the one on the desktop.  And yes, there is a "nothing" window here, too.

Women, on the other hand have EVERY POP UP BOX open.  All at the same time and all together.  We only close one if it's not longer relevant because we've fixed it, finished it, or delegated it to someone else.  We can't open and close them at will.  They ARE open.

The reason I'm telling you this is because it's important to teach your kids about men and women, relationships, how to understand one another, and how to get along.  I have parents who were fabulous at teaching us as we went through life.  They used the examples around us to teach us about God, marriage, church, family, and relationships.

THIS is how our kids learn.

The laughter is just a bonus.

And don't you think it's amazing that God made us different, unique, and perfectly fit for life as male and female?  If the Coach tried to juggle this household, he'd go nuts.  Too much all at the same time.  However, I don't have the FOCUS that he needs to do his job.  He can zero in and get things done, solve problems, etc.  I just flit from here to there. 

So we ARE different, but instead of being frustrated by those differences?  We see God's purpose in them.

The topic has continued here at the troops.  Last night the Coach was talking to me about a situation, while I was writing and answering e-mails.  No problem, right?  But then he started expecting me to answer his questions, with more than "Yes, uh huh, no, I think so."  Like REAL answers to REAL questions WHILE I was reading and typing and thinking about my email.

Finally, I said, "OK.  Here's the thing.  I can LISTEN to you and think about what you are saying WHILE I'm reading and writing.  But if you want me to enter this discussion with more than just a quick response, you'll have to wait until I finish this!"

We were both laughing by the time I said this because here we had just been talking about how women can think about everything at the same time.  He said, "You mean you CAN'T think about it all at once?"

Being able to laugh at YOURSELF is the best bonus of all.

*Son #4 just came in and said, "Mom?  You know how we were looking at all of the cool cars go by at Chick-fil-A on Wednesday?  I could do that all day long!"

Happy Friday!

(Thanks, Carrie, for sending this - THIS is SO funny!)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Some things we've been enjoying, lately, here at the troops:

Front porch
(I found the ferns for $5 at Lowe's last week - yeah!)
Perfect spot for swinging, talking, watching kids ride bikes, eating Popsicles, etc.

Pretty perennials coming up in the flower beds.
Every year I try to add a few more.  
These were added last year.

Little Man LOVES them.
You can read more about them here.
These belong to Grandmother, but we've enjoyed borrowing them this week.

Easter Lily from my Dad.
Isn't it amazing?
And beautiful?
I think we counted 12 blooms OPEN this morning.
With many more to come.

The view from my computer desk.
Nothing like Spring.
Especially when you have three strong boys to mow, edge, and clean up the yard.

And last but not least,
our wonderful Easter Program at school.

The Resurrection story told using only scripture, quoted by grades Pre-K through 6th.
From Isaiah's prophecy to New Testament fulfillment.

We had someone is almost every Elementary class!

Son #3 is in the 6th grade, so in his 7 years at our school, he's learned over 100 verses about the prophecy and fulfillment of Jesus' coming.
So blessed.

Son #4 - 4th grade, Son #3 - 6th grade,
Daughter #6 - 2nd grade, Daughter #7 - Kindergarten, Daughter #5 - 3rd grade.

Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not Thursday, but Thankful

Truthfully, I'm procrastinating.

Which just happens to be the word that was on Word Girl yesterday afternoon while I was curling the girls' hair for the Easter program.  But that's neither here nor there.

I should be on to other things, already, this morning.

Instead, I was perusing the latest edition of World magazine, while Little Man was eating his cinnamon cereal, and I found myself looking for one of my favorite features.  The "Voices" section - the regular columnists, Andree Seu being one of the first I always read.

Her column titled "The Magic Word" (you can read an excerpt here and while you're at it, you should subscribe, too, if you don't already) is about saying "Thank You".

"Upon reflection I replied that what helps me is the practice of thanks.  If you are thanking God throughout the day, you are walking in the pathway of grace. . . the presence of God directly relates to your worship, and the aroma of thanks ascending releases His resources into your life."

She then tells the story of Betsie and Corrie Ten Boom and giving thanks for the fleas that prevented the guards from intervening in their barracks, allowing them to study the Bible and share Christ unhindered. (I highly recommend "The Hiding Place", too, if you haven't read it.)

We had fleas in our house, once (long story).  And no dog.  I'm not sure I gave thanks.  I don't remember giving thanks, anyway.  Except maybe for the exterminator who finally helped us get rid of them.

But I believe this principle with all my heart.  Giving thanks changes ME.  My perspective.  My focus.  My attitude.

In our BSF study last week of Isaiah 60, we dove into the second half of verse 18.  "Thou shalt call thy walls Salvation, and thy gates praise." The first part?  Speaks of our security.  Which comes not from our circumstances (which may or not be what we would choose), but from our Savior and our promise of eternal life.

But the gates of praise?  This reminds us that praise takes us into the presence of the living God.

Not just in church when all of the children are clean (sort of), combed or curled, dressed nicely, and behaving in a somewhat decent way. . . the music is lovely, the words to the hymn glorious. . . my handsome coach is beside me (or at least near me, sometimes you have to divide and conquer), and for that moment I am overwhelmed with the goodness of God in allowing me to be so very blessed in spite of the fact that I am completely undeserving.

Those are good moments of praise.

But the better ones?  The ones I think truly delight our Lord?

Are when things are going completely wrong. . . and we STILL say, "Thank you."

I am grateful I don't have to say thank you for fleas, today.  That I know of.

But I will have an opportunity today.  Every day.  To say "Thank you, Lord." for what He brings to me, allows in my day, trusts to my care.  I can say "Thank you, Lord, that I am healthy, strong, and can run the 6 miles on my training schedule, today."  Instead of focusing on how tired I am, how much I want to crawl back into bed, and how much I have to do.

"The frequent God-ward utterance of "thank you" is the maintenance mode of larger spiritual warfare."  (Andree Seu)

Being thankful helps me do what I should, even when I don't feel like it.  Helps me smile about circumstances that make me want to cry (although it's OK if there is crying, too!).  Helps me love, when I feel unloving.  It opens the pathway into my heart for God's grace to pour through.

"Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise:  be thankful until Him, and bless His name."  Psalm 100:4

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Remembering April 19th.

It's been somewhat of a theme with me this year. . . purposing to remember God's faithfulness in the past so I can trust Him for today.  And the future.

This is at the forefront of my mind TODAY, more than most, because 16 years ago something terrible and horrible happened here that, as a city and a nation, we have purposed never to forget.

I was sick that morning.  The "good" kind of sick (if there is such a thing), because we were expecting our firstborn.  We had been married a few months.  Living in our little rent house.  It was Spring, we were enjoying life together (except for the non-stop vomiting on my part) and our hopes for the future were SO bright.  Newlyweds.  21 years old.  Expecting my first baby.

The BOOM shook our little house.  In that split second I would have sworn something had happened to OUR house.  The noise was so close and loud that I could feel it.  I had the morning news on and within minutes I watched footage from a news helicopter as it approached downtown and a cloud of smoke. 

As the camera got closer and closer to the scene, a horror unfolded before my eyes.  I grabbed the phone and called my mom, "TURN ON THE TV.  NOW."  Then hung up to watch the first images of a building severed in two.  Roof top hanging over a jagged edge.  A "doll house" view of the middle of the Murrah building.  A cavernous space where walls, floors, and street had been only moments before.

It was the kind of destruction that should have been a movie set.  But it was real.  Only in the hours to come would we realize HOW real.  168 lost.  Fathers, mothers, grandparents, sisters, brothers, friends.  None of them knew that day would be the end of their life here on earth.  Some of them were children.

In my little serene newlywed life, nothing changed in the practical sense.  My family was safe.  Only "friends of friends" touched personally by the devastating loss.

But then again, nothing was ever the same.

I had been in that building two months earlier to change my social security card to my married name.  Most of us who live here had been in that building many times, for many reasons, and could have easily been there that day.

Our city responded in an amazing way.  People running TO help instead of AWAY from the smoke and rubble.  Improvised memorials, gifts, prayers.  We saw the best of human kindness acted out in front of us.

16 years later, I have a tall, handsome, firstborn SON.  Getting ready for his driver's permit next month.  Finishing up his Freshman year of highschool.  Looking forward to his third mission trip this Summer to Mexico.

16 years later, I am training to run this for the second time.  The "half", anyway.  I'm proud of my brother, who decided 11 years ago that our city should remember EVERY year - by founding a marathon to raise money for the Memorial and to remember those who lost their lives that day.  My brothers have run it all 10 years.  My parents have run it many times, as well.  This race has been the largest contributor to the cost of operating the Memorial which is a private organization, not a government funded sight.

So today?  I remember.  I remember where I was.  What my life was like at that moment.  And some things that were forever changed.

Today I pray for our nation.  Our city.  Our government leaders. 
Today, especially. . . I pray for those who are still grieving the loss of their loved ones. 

And, of course, if you want to join us in "Running to Remember"?  We'd love to have you!  (smile)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Not feeling it.

I do have days when I feel like I can't be stopped.
When my run feels "easier".
The to-do list gets smaller by the minute (even if it never goes away, altogether).
The house is in order.
The laundry folded.
Dinner made and ready for the oven when we get back from school.

I do HAVE these days.

Today is just not one OF them.

Instead, Little Man took a "nap" at 7:45. A.M. And I fell asleep with him.

I only glanced at the treadmill instead of getting on it.
And we ran all of our errands, instead.
Dinner is planned, but banana bread is what I made.
Smells divine.
The honest truth is that I haven't LOOKED at the "list", today. Not once. Which I will regret when it's time to go to school and I haven't done something I should have.

And just now? When I tucked Little Man into his soft (as he always tells me) bed with the blinds closed and the fan on and the noisemaker humming away? I almost joined him.

I still might.

Busy, exhausting, fun-filled weekends leave me a little "off" on Monday morning.

But there is still so much to enjoy - even if it's not very productive:

The surprise Starbucks from my daddy when we passed him on our way to see Grandmother.
The visit with Grandmother while helping Little Man make magnet designs.
The Crystal Light sale+coupon that we scored at Homeland.
The wandering around Wal-mart while Little Man ate puffy Cheetos and wiped artificial orange coloring all over everything.
The Curious George Coloring book.
The quiet.
The sunshine.

I know the treadmill can't be avoided all day. Four miles must be done. I know dinner will be needed at about 6:00. That gives me 4 more hours to procrastinate. The laundry is washed, and if worse comes to worse (or really for the better), the kids can fold it, tonight. And I suppose at some point, taking a shower would be a good plan.

But for now I'm enjoying not "having my act together". It's kind of nice. Every now and then.

Seems like someone should check the banana bread and make sure it's OK, don't you think?

Happy Monday!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday Morning!

Just going to jump right in - lots to be thankful for, today!

1. Healthy kids. Son #4's stomach troubles have stayed confined. This is a HUGE blessing, as you well know!!

2. Clean House. Ahhhhhh. Thought I'd take advantage and snap some pictures of the new carpet for you. But. . . there is still a big laundry pile. Ha!

3. Postponed birthday was celebrated last night, with both sets of grandparents and a few cousins added in. Fun!

4. This guy. Who turned 11 on Sunday while he was sick. ELEVEN, can you believe it? He alternately frustrates and delights me. And I love him.

(and LOOK, you can see the new carpet RIGHT THERE. Ha!)

5. Fabulously beautiful weather this week. These are the few days each year that Oklahomans LIVE for. We don't get many like this. . . but they are perfect.

6. Hair cut. Trim, really. After 10 weeks I fully enjoyed it! Growing hair out is a challenge, but so far so good.

7. God's perfect provision for the Coach and Son #3 to go to Washington D.C. later this month. Will be a great time for them to share, together. The Coach went with Son #1, 3 years ago. I went with Daughter #2, 2 years ago. The tradition continues. Although I'm pretty sure we can't keep it up for 5 more. Ha!

8. A morning at home. After a trip to school to pick up Daughter #7 on Monday morning (turns out she was just fine, after all) and movies, BSF and lunch on Tuesday, errands and lunch, hair cut and more errands on Wednesday. . . a quiet morning at home is NICE.

9. Morning off from the treadmill. Normally this IS my rest day, but I am actually going running with a friend this afternoon. However, it didn't require me to get up early, sit Little Man in front of PBS for 45 min, OR wait for my shower and breakfast. So it feels very much like a rest.

10. That the tree pollen is almost finished falling on my car, deck, driveway, porch and sunroom windows. Ugh. Can't wait to get it all cleaned up. Nothing like a green film on everything.

11. Everyone stayed in their own beds last night and didn't feel the need to wake me up to tell me anything. Lately, Little Man has been getting in bed with Daughter #6 - I think because he wakes up coughing and she is his current favorite. But then she comes to wake ME up because she can't sleep with him in there. Or Son #3 comes to let me know he's going to use his inhaler. Why do I need to know this? Not sure. Or Daughter #2 wants me to know she can't go to sleep (normal for her). I guess it makes her sleepy to walk down to my room and TELL me this. (sigh) An uninterrupted night is lovely. Ha!

12. Enough left-overs from the birthday dinner last night that I don't have to cook tonight! Yea!

13. $5 Boston ferns for the front porch. FIVE dollars. I couldn't believe it. Feels more like Summer, already.

14. Laughter. I love that my kids make me LAUGH. Often. And loudly.

"Mom, can I have some gasoline for my lips?" from Little Man. He meant Vaseline, of course.

Son #4, while tiring of hearing the big kids talk about how they NEED a cell phone, "I don't even want a phone, I'm just going to use a flare gun."

The corny jokes around the dinner table, the teasing, the silliness. How dull life would be without my eight little personalities keeping me hopping.

NOW, I think it's time to make a pot of coffee and get this house in order for the day. Maybe I'll even get to that mountain of laundry in my otherwise clean living room so I can take some pictures!

And I just realized that we have asthma meds to pick up at Walgreen's. So it's won't be a morning JUST at home. But I'm grateful that we can get what we need to keep our allergy kids breathing and healthy.

What are YOU thankful for, today?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My ways vs. His ways

It's finally quiet here, tonight. Finally.

Do you ever feel completely unprepared for the week ahead? When it's Sunday night?

I'm so there.

Blessings need to be counted, though. The safety the Lord gave last week through numerous school activities, practices, appointments. . . the work of life, these days.

I hate to admit it. . . but sometimes I miss those days when they were all little and we were dying just to get OUT of the house! Ha!

The grass is always greener, I suppose.

But our crazy busy, LOUD lives are full and rich and blessed. Full of fun, laughter, meals around the table, and someone always there to play with, and clean up after. Rich with family that loves us and friends who do a great job of pretending that they like our company, too. Blessed with God's perfect provision, unconditional love, and the peace that passes all understanding in the midst of our chaos.

Thank you, Jesus.

It seems that most days, lately, turn out differently than we originally plan them. I don't suppose that's much of a surprise when you are dealing with 10 individuals, a teacher-daddy, seven students, and a mom who can't remember where to turn (just ask the kids. . . no. . . don't!). Oh. And a four year old.

Today we were looking forward to church together, a 10K for my mom and me, and celebrating our 4th born's 11th birthday, tonight.

However, last night the birthday boy got sick. . . which changed the plans a bit. Bless his heart. If you have to be sick? Your birthday is a bummer day to do it.

I miss being at church. But I do enjoy the quiet time focusing on only ONE child. And I desperately needed to color my hair. Just being honest. When IS a mom supposed to do these things?

Mom and I still made it to our 10K. BOY was it hot. So hot, that our pace wasn't what we'd hoped for. But even though rather warm, it was a lovely Spring day. The course was pretty, and the mileage manageable (isn't anything less than 13.1?). The company was lovely, too.

Then home for a quieter evening than we'd planned. Movies, left-overs, and school preparations. . . instead of lasagna, cake, and presents with our family.

I won't deny that the quieter day, tomorrow, is really a welcome gift. Errands will wait, grocery shopping will have to be done, later. I don't mind being given a day AT HOME. With my boys (two of them, anyway). I'm pretty sure no one else will want to be here with us.

Maybe I'll even get to taking those pictures of the new carpet (that we are LOVING!). Or finish up that post on expectations that has been rolling around in my head for the last week.

But I may just fix the birthday boy some more chicken noodle soup and ginger ale and fold laundry while we watch Cosby episodes.

I wouldn't mind that a bit.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Half Way There. . .

Good morning!
Day two of the Carpet Adventures has begun here at the troops.
We had a late night, but a good "camping out" sleep
- mattresses on the floor -
and the sunshine is promising another beautiful day!

On the agenda for today,
Little Girl's yellow room:
(we decided it is the WORST carpet in the house!)

Daughter #2's room:
These pictures don't really show the color on the walls,
her room is light blue.

And our Master Bedroom:

As with any home improvement project,
we had some unanticipated work to do, yesterday.
Grinding down the concrete around the air vents
(which have been filled in since our kitchen sewer incident years ago),
touching up paint on the walls
(much easier without the furniture in the room!),
and touching up the stain on all of the baseboards
(which has evolved into touching up ALL of the woodwork).

The results have been fabulous, though!
We are LOVING the new carpet in the living rooms and boys' room.
It's prettier than I could have imagined.

I would show you pictures, since we "moved back in" to those
three rooms last night.
However, they were almost immediately filled with furniture
from the rest of the house! HA!

So here's a sample:
Old carpet on the right,
New on the left.
Lovely 70's entryway tile in between.

And did I mention the extra surprise of two sick kids?
Good thing we were planning on staying home, anyway.

Happy Friday!