Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Some things we've been enjoying, lately, here at the troops:

Front porch
(I found the ferns for $5 at Lowe's last week - yeah!)
Perfect spot for swinging, talking, watching kids ride bikes, eating Popsicles, etc.

Pretty perennials coming up in the flower beds.
Every year I try to add a few more.  
These were added last year.

Little Man LOVES them.
You can read more about them here.
These belong to Grandmother, but we've enjoyed borrowing them this week.

Easter Lily from my Dad.
Isn't it amazing?
And beautiful?
I think we counted 12 blooms OPEN this morning.
With many more to come.

The view from my computer desk.
Nothing like Spring.
Especially when you have three strong boys to mow, edge, and clean up the yard.

And last but not least,
our wonderful Easter Program at school.

The Resurrection story told using only scripture, quoted by grades Pre-K through 6th.
From Isaiah's prophecy to New Testament fulfillment.

We had someone is almost every Elementary class!

Son #3 is in the 6th grade, so in his 7 years at our school, he's learned over 100 verses about the prophecy and fulfillment of Jesus' coming.
So blessed.

Son #4 - 4th grade, Son #3 - 6th grade,
Daughter #6 - 2nd grade, Daughter #7 - Kindergarten, Daughter #5 - 3rd grade.

Happy Thursday!!


Leah Belle said...

The great thing about all that scripture memory for the Easter program is that I still remember much of it some 25-30 years later! God's word does not return void!

Sumer said...

What a sweet post and sweet pictures of the kids! We are blessed to be a part of such a great school.