Monday, April 18, 2011

Not feeling it.

I do have days when I feel like I can't be stopped.
When my run feels "easier".
The to-do list gets smaller by the minute (even if it never goes away, altogether).
The house is in order.
The laundry folded.
Dinner made and ready for the oven when we get back from school.

I do HAVE these days.

Today is just not one OF them.

Instead, Little Man took a "nap" at 7:45. A.M. And I fell asleep with him.

I only glanced at the treadmill instead of getting on it.
And we ran all of our errands, instead.
Dinner is planned, but banana bread is what I made.
Smells divine.
The honest truth is that I haven't LOOKED at the "list", today. Not once. Which I will regret when it's time to go to school and I haven't done something I should have.

And just now? When I tucked Little Man into his soft (as he always tells me) bed with the blinds closed and the fan on and the noisemaker humming away? I almost joined him.

I still might.

Busy, exhausting, fun-filled weekends leave me a little "off" on Monday morning.

But there is still so much to enjoy - even if it's not very productive:

The surprise Starbucks from my daddy when we passed him on our way to see Grandmother.
The visit with Grandmother while helping Little Man make magnet designs.
The Crystal Light sale+coupon that we scored at Homeland.
The wandering around Wal-mart while Little Man ate puffy Cheetos and wiped artificial orange coloring all over everything.
The Curious George Coloring book.
The quiet.
The sunshine.

I know the treadmill can't be avoided all day. Four miles must be done. I know dinner will be needed at about 6:00. That gives me 4 more hours to procrastinate. The laundry is washed, and if worse comes to worse (or really for the better), the kids can fold it, tonight. And I suppose at some point, taking a shower would be a good plan.

But for now I'm enjoying not "having my act together". It's kind of nice. Every now and then.

Seems like someone should check the banana bread and make sure it's OK, don't you think?

Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy your day! Not having one of those days today, but will enjoy one, one of these days! :) Have a great week!