Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This post is dedicated to the passengers on two "luxury motor coaches" driving somewhere in Virginia, due to arrive in Williamsburg sometime tonight.  Especially Melissa.  (grin)

1.  A absolutely beautiful day!  Makes it hard to believe there has been such severe weather and tragic loss of life in parts of our nation.  Our prayers are with those who are suffering.  Stories like this one will make you cry.  And then hold tightly to your loved ones.

2.  Safety for the Coach and Son #3 on their travels through the severe weather.  Sounds like the trip is going well so far.  And they are almost to Williamsburg - one of my favorite places EVER (and I've been a lot of places in the world).  My mother faithfully instilled in me a love for all things early American.  If you've seen her house, you understand what I mean!  

3.  Healthy kids.  And no encore of Sunday's nasty stomach virus.  Thank you, Lord!

4. The basic comforts of life.  Realizing that some are without these things today makes me more aware of what blessings they are.  Home.  Food.  Soft beds (as Little Man would tell you).  New carpet.  Clean clothes.  Vehicles that are dependable (especially since I've been making the trek to school twice each day).  Hot showers.  Plumbing.  Running water.  The list is endless, really.

5.  That my parents are home from their travels to East TX this week.  (big sigh of relief)  I'm sure the audience was blessed to have them at the homeschool conference.  I know my dad's session was fabulous!  But I will admit the comfort of knowing they are back safe and sound and only 3 miles away!

6.  Sonic Diet D.P.  (don't tell the Coach, Melissa!)  I know it's a luxury.  But some days you just NEED it.

7.  Lunch with sweet friends and their precious little ones and YUMMY grilled cheese sandwiches. . . it was delightful!  Thanks to the amazing Amanda!

8.  A GREAT night's sleep.  What an answer to prayer.  Truly Benadryl is a gift from God.  And the kids?  All slept like teenagers.  HA!  (We've been discussing that the expression "slept like a baby" is not really accurate, but we KNOW how teenagers sleep around here!)

9.  Dinner in the oven and smelling yummy.  It's not HEALTHY, but it's yummy.  And the kids love it and can handle the calories.  (See how they are out jumping on the trampoline while I sit here at the desk?)

10.  1/2 marathon training OVER.  Whew.  Two miles to WALK tomorrow, and then it's downhill to Sunday morning.  I'm excited!  Not about the weather forecast, but about seeing how it goes.  

11.  A friend to run with.  When we found out that the Coach would be out of town. . . and then that my Mom wouldn't be able to run with me. . . I was BUMMED.  Think 13.1 miles of pain - without someone to laugh with.  But God, in His providence (that's for you American Christian History Tour friends), provided.  Yay!

12.  Help from our sweet sitter on Sunday morning getting the kids downtown, finding me, providing my own personal cheering section for the finish.  Can't wait!

And now, sweet people, it's time to be off.  I am so grateful for your prayers for us.  God is so good.  He'd still be good even if things were ROUGH here, but I'm praising Him for the blessings, right now.

Enjoy your Thursday!

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Leah Belle said...

I so agree.....while washing dishes and other household duties today, I praised God that I have a house and safe family!