Friday, January 22, 2016

Thankful Thursday, Take 2

So after yesterday's need to re-focus on gratefulness...

Daughter (#7) came home from school with a fever.

So today's plans were scrapped and we've been watching "Flash" and "Phineas and Ferb" non-stop all day while I coax her to stay hydrated and eat something.

A friend's sweet text reminded me that these days of the troops needing their momma when they are sick are numbered.  I only have two or three who really want me to take care of them when they are sick, now.  Of course, I take care of them anyway, but only a couple of the troops can't stay home alone - so if they are sick it rarely derails our plans.

Not to mention, the big kids just aren't sick very often.

So here is today's list:

1.  Got to talk to Son (#1).  He finally got the insurance settlement on his wrecked Jeep from Christmas Break (not his fault).  Which means a trip down to see him in a week or two.  Yay!

2.  Texts from Daughter (#2).  Concerned about her little sis, discussing Gilmore Girls, and getting updates on the basketball games she and I have both missed this week.

3.  Another call from Son (#3) asking what he could bring home for us.  His thoughtful heart and willingness to make a root beer run.

4. Even though I've missed the last two games that Son (#4) has played - one currently in progress as I type - I love knowing that the Coach is there cheering him on and so is the wonderful "family" that is our school.  And cousins.  And aunts and uncles.  Plenty of cheering all around.  I love seeing him play, but I'm grateful that when I'm not there, our fans still will be.

5.  That Daughter (#5) is literally the most easy going, dry-humored, funny and low-maintenance teenager ever.  In history.  Enough said.  Because we don't lack for drama around here.

6.  That every time I see Daughter (#6) play basketball (like the game I watched last night right BEFORE we realized that her little sister was sick), I am reminded of the amazing work God has done in her life.  Oh the stories.  Oh the joy to see her, now.

7.  If someone has to be sick, Daughter (#7) is seriously the never-complaining, happiest, non-particular, sweet, laughing-even-when-she-has-a-fever (thanks, Ferb!), girl to ever grace our troops.  Need anything, I ask?  Nope.  Are you ok, I ask?  Yep.  Even when she's burning up.  Every family should have a 7th born, 4th born girl.  Sweetest.

8.  And Little Man?  He's grown so much this school year.  Especially with his reading.  From not getting all of his AR points the first 9 weeks to reaching beyond his goal the next 9 weeks to reading all. of. the. time. now.  I'm so proud.

9.  Without the Coach?  This whole ship would sink.  He's been support staff the two weeks I've been down with this cold (thankfully, still SO MUCH better, today).  He's brought kids home and gone to games without me and walked in the door ready to help out however he can.  I'm so grateful to be married to a man who lays down his life DAILY for all of us.  Too bad I'm missing all of the under-his-breath-coaching-from-the-bleachers tonight.  Once a basketball coach?  Always a basketball coach.

So there you have it.  Nothing is ideal here, today.  But all is well.  How could I complain about being snuggled up with my littlest girl watching Phineas and Ferb and eating chicken quesadillas on a cold, dreary night?  With lots of texts from the Crusader fans.

Happy Friday.

What are you grateful for, today??  I want to hear it!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thankful Thursday

1.  I'm thankful that there are only 7 basketball games this week instead of last week's 14.
2.  I'm so SO thankful that my on-again-off again-for-two-weeks cold is finally better.
3.  I'm thankful for a relatively clean house.  A few Clorox wipes, some Windex and a vacuum will do wonders.  Every time.
4.  I'm thankful for potato soup in the crock pot.
5.  For Jr. High games this afternoon.
6.  I'm thankful that Elementary basketball is winding down.  As fun as it's been.  It's tries my patience in countless ways.  Bless my sweet girl's heart.
7.  For a husband that loves me enough to make me stay home and rest when I don't feel well.
8.  That I'm half-way through my four weeks resting my leg that seems uninclined to heal.  Because I really miss running.  And the clear head that always follows a good run.
9.  For talks and texts with my college kids.  And the occasional visit.
10.  I'm thankful for a warm house in this gloomy cold winter weather.  Brrrr.
11.  For my new coat that the Coach got me for Christmas.
12.  For leftover coffee that I'm going to re-heat here in a bit.

Happy happy Thursday, All!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Back at it...

Our 2nd left to go back to college, yesterday. The Coach and the school kids left bright (or dark) and early this morning to head back to school.  Son (#1) has another week to work before he has to leave. I faced a quiet, empty house with nary a Christmas decoration in sight at 7:00 this morning.  And I was sad.

Not because I'm not ready for some kind of schedule and routine.  I've missed that.  Not because it wasn't time for earlier bedtimes and fewer movies and ENOUGH of the constant eating already.  I'm over it.  Not because I want Christmas back... we celebrated thoroughly and soundly.  And let's be honest, Christmas is a HUGE amount of work for us mommas.  Just ask my back  - it went out early Saturday.

But there's just something about having all 10 of us HERE.  Together.  Everyone sleeping in their beds at night (even if they come in after I'm already sound asleep in mine).  Along with extras which delightfully show up most nights.  Dinner around the table with all eight troops, laughing until we cry.

Even the amount of food and laundry doesn't make me wish it over.  Well.  Maybe the laundry.


I loved it.

It was messy and loud and meals overlapped all day long and the dishwasher ran constantly and I loved it.

Such a reminder to me, once again, how grateful I am to be able to do what I love.  The Coach works so hard to give me the opportunity to be HOME.  To have time to take care of my people.  To cook for them and sit and talk with them and say goodbye to them in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon and cheer them on at all of their (countless) games.

I know I take it for granted.  It's all I've known.  But it's the best.

When the kids were all little it was exhausting to be with them 24/7.  To have kids everywhere all of the time.  To have few breaks and less rest.  Looking back, I'm not sure how we even survived.  This 42 year old momma would never be able to do what that much younger momma did.

But it was so worth it.  I got to see them grow and learn and play and fight.  I got to teach them how to help and love one another and be kind.  Well, we're still working on some of that.  Ha!

Now that they are older (well, most of them), I'm enjoying so much fruit from those years.  No, I'm not done.  Are we ever?  But it's much less teaching and training and more talking and just BEING with them.  And talking.  Especially late at night.  Yawn.

There's always more to learn.  Always more to teach.  Always more growth that is needed.

But after two weeks with all of my kids?  From age 8 to age 20?   I'm realizing anew how very blessed I am to be their momma.  They are amazing people.  Every one of them.  They must take after their daddy.

I miss it, already.

Happy 2016 from our troops to yours.  May you have the supernatural strength and grace to do what God has given you to do this coming year.  If it's in the trenches with little ones?  Bless you.  If it's juggling college kids and grade school, I'm with you.  Now lets settle in for the Winter months and make the most of it.

Happy Monday.