Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Spring Break Week!

Today I'm thankful:

1. Daughter (#6) was saved on Sunday night! So happy. So very happy! And on her 7th birthday! What a privilege to share with my own kids about the hope we have in Christ. Salvation from sin, life everlasting and eternity in heaven with Jesus. Not to mention the peace, the life-purpose, the certainty that God in sovereign over all things.

2. A week off school! Let's hear it for sleeping in!

3. A week with the Coach home (for the most part). Things are so GOOD when Daddy is home.

4. Great camping trip for the Coach and the five oldest kids. They had FUN! Repelling, hiking, listening to ghost stories around the campfire. And I've gotten quickly into the habit of saying, "I don't want to hear about it." The three dads and 18 kids make great memories, but the sanitary conditions are not something I'm needing to know.

5. Potty training progress with Little Man. For those of you out there who are also working on this major toddler milestone - a reminder - YOU are the one being trained - make no mistake!

6. Hair cuts. For the little girls. So cute! (Little Man is cute, too, especially with that band-aid on his forehead.)

7. Daffodils. Pretty. Cheerful. Springy. Happy. :-)

Happy Thursday!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I do solemnly promise. . .

I've been working on a post here for awhile. Like maybe a week? Or two? I've lost track.

Pictures of some of the big and fun things going on here at the troops.

Although I confess to missing completely the countless photo opportunities that having sweet cousins here last week brought. Ugh. You'd think I had something to do besides take pictures. Should have given the camera to Little Man.

Anyway, I'll get it done. Maybe today. Maybe not.

But I realized this morning that I hit somewhat of a wall.

After yesterdays canceled plans with friends (so disappointed - such a bummer) due to Daughter #7's sudden fever, the fabulous housekeeper that Mom sent (and who I have decided should move in. definitely.) The waiting for the phone call from our wonderful Pediatrician regarding some concerns he found at Daughter #7's check up on Tuesday. The constant battles we are fighting with Daughter #6 regarding eating. Anything. At. All. And school. Which she has decided she doesn't care for much. And did I mention the potty training? Which goes remarkably well when I actually remember to TAKE Little Man to the potty now and then. Sigh.

Then the need to get out this morning in the lovely sunshine and go to the bank. (While listening to Little Man holler, "I don't LIKE the sunshine!" over and over) And get some groceries. Because Son #4 made up a song this morning while packing his lunch, "A sandwich and some chips. . . that's all I have for lunch. . . a sandwich and some chips. . . no granola bars. . . " It was entertaining, for sure. But it made this mom feel kinda guilty. And dinner. . . I guess we need something for dinner. . .

When all I'd rather do is hang out in my clean house. And stay in my sweats. And cuddle on the couch with the kids and eat cereal.

And maybe get on the treadmill. Because I should. And I feel better when I do.

I guess my point here is this. All of the lovely ideas (and thoughtful ones) I have for posts don't usually materialize because LIFE is happening here. Each and every day. Sometimes a lot of FUN. Sometimes a lot of HARD. But it's life. And it's ours. And we love it. Well, most of the time I do. I will admit to walking out on Monday, but I came back.

So my promise? It's not to provide you with constant entertainment, inspiration, deep spiritual challenges or snapshots of our family taken by the 2 year old. Although I'd love to do that!

My promise is to simply be real with you. Which sometimes means NOT posting because life has sucked me in and is eating my lunch. Whew.

And maybe that promise is what will get me past the wall with writing here at Mrs. Troop. And maybe even the wall that is ahead of me, today. Remembering my purpose here is to be thankful. And joyful. And to see life as an adventure, guided by the loving hand of my Lord. With a lot of Chick-fil-A lunches with Granddad thrown in.

That? I can do.

Maybe AFTER the bank and the groceries, the treadmill and lots of trips to the potty with Little Man, I'll finish up that post I've been working on.

In the meantime? Happy Thursday!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Because I always wanted a big family. . .

I love kids. (I'm partial to babies, but I keep loving them even when they grow up.)

I know sometimes I gripe and complain about what a mess they make or how much they eat (because GOOD GRIEF they eat a lot!).

But the honest truth is that I love them. All I ever wanted to do as a little girl was grow up and be a mommy. Didn't really care about a husband, at that point, but somewhere along the way that became a dream, as well (it's a good thing!).

So what I'm saying, I guess, is that I'm living the life I always dreamed of.

In all it's sticky, messy, sleep-deprived, dirt-covered and tear-stained glory. With lots of diapers thrown in.

And I wouldn't trade it.

THIS week, however, I have the special blessing of caring for 10 kids all week. My eight plus two cousins. No, I won't get to keep them forever. But I do love them like my own and we are having FUN so far! Cousins are the best gift for kiddos. Right after bunches of siblings. And we have bunches of both!

Having two extra little ones has given me an excuse to cancel extra activities, cuddle on the couch and eat mac and cheese. Lovely results, don't you think?

It's fun having a one year old, again - makes Little Man seem HUGE. And having Little Man's closest cousin here (they are 10 days apart) has made me realize a few things. Most of which have to do with how much better behaved the cousin is. (sigh) We are doing some great training for learning to be kind, not throwing things, sharing. . . you get the idea. Not to mention the fact that Little Man keeps calling his cousin his "sisser". HA! Poor guy - he's surrounded by little girls! Good thing he has a BOY cousin his age to play with!

The niece and nephew, however, have been the example of good behavior. Unlike Little Man who spent the entire two hours of naptime being put back into his bed while trying to sneak into one of the other napper's rooms. (sigh, again)

The fun part? Having the high chair occupied, again. Having a baby to hold and feed and cuddle with (and watching the kids do the same). Watching the older kids play with the little ones and help out. I love it.

I guess if we can't always have a baby at the troops, at least we can borrow cousins for a few days at a time!

Happy Monday!