Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Spring Break Week!

Today I'm thankful:

1. Daughter (#6) was saved on Sunday night! So happy. So very happy! And on her 7th birthday! What a privilege to share with my own kids about the hope we have in Christ. Salvation from sin, life everlasting and eternity in heaven with Jesus. Not to mention the peace, the life-purpose, the certainty that God in sovereign over all things.

2. A week off school! Let's hear it for sleeping in!

3. A week with the Coach home (for the most part). Things are so GOOD when Daddy is home.

4. Great camping trip for the Coach and the five oldest kids. They had FUN! Repelling, hiking, listening to ghost stories around the campfire. And I've gotten quickly into the habit of saying, "I don't want to hear about it." The three dads and 18 kids make great memories, but the sanitary conditions are not something I'm needing to know.

5. Potty training progress with Little Man. For those of you out there who are also working on this major toddler milestone - a reminder - YOU are the one being trained - make no mistake!

6. Hair cuts. For the little girls. So cute! (Little Man is cute, too, especially with that band-aid on his forehead.)

7. Daffodils. Pretty. Cheerful. Springy. Happy. :-)

Happy Thursday!


jjbrown03 said...

Praise the Lord! I was saved on my eighth birthday and have fun celebrating the "double" birthday every year. It's a good time to take stock of where I'm at. Hope she experiences the same.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news, cute pictures and cheery flowers. We have had a hard week- found headlice in daughter #2, got someone to help me who then diagnosed everyone she saw including extended family to have lice! Scared me silly- how was I ever going to do all the wash all the removing, would we ever be rid of it all!? Second day, asked for help from another mother and was told only one child had lice, period, rest of family clean! Very thankful for that, but very tired and sore none the less taking care of all the details for one! Thanks for the cheery note and pictures!
Happy Thursday to you! My flowers are just little green shoots poking out of the ground- looking forward to seeing some! A very sweet mother gave me a bouquet of flowers today- they sure do brighten up life!

Jenn said...

I LOVE your daffodils. They've always been one of my favorite flowers, yet I've never planted any. NOTHING in the world is sweeter than when our kids choose Christ for themselves--beautiful!

Five Freddys said...

SPRING FLOWERS!!! I'm cutting mine and bringing them inside tomorrow before our annual end-of-March freeze :)

jo said...

What a sweet week! He is still in the business of bringing the dead to life... outside and inside. I love hearing of your sweet little girl. Praise the Lord. And spring makes a great time for hair cuts.

Sumer said...

Great post! Such a sweet picture of A. Love the flowers, half of mine came up ~ maybe next year I should supervise the 8 year old who helps me plant, hmmmmm. Have a blessed day!