Friday, April 1, 2011

Half Way There. . .

Good morning!
Day two of the Carpet Adventures has begun here at the troops.
We had a late night, but a good "camping out" sleep
- mattresses on the floor -
and the sunshine is promising another beautiful day!

On the agenda for today,
Little Girl's yellow room:
(we decided it is the WORST carpet in the house!)

Daughter #2's room:
These pictures don't really show the color on the walls,
her room is light blue.

And our Master Bedroom:

As with any home improvement project,
we had some unanticipated work to do, yesterday.
Grinding down the concrete around the air vents
(which have been filled in since our kitchen sewer incident years ago),
touching up paint on the walls
(much easier without the furniture in the room!),
and touching up the stain on all of the baseboards
(which has evolved into touching up ALL of the woodwork).

The results have been fabulous, though!
We are LOVING the new carpet in the living rooms and boys' room.
It's prettier than I could have imagined.

I would show you pictures, since we "moved back in" to those
three rooms last night.
However, they were almost immediately filled with furniture
from the rest of the house! HA!

So here's a sample:
Old carpet on the right,
New on the left.
Lovely 70's entryway tile in between.

And did I mention the extra surprise of two sick kids?
Good thing we were planning on staying home, anyway.

Happy Friday!


The Adventures of Treasure's Island said...

we are going to be doing this in the next couple of weeks. so excited. out with the maroon carpet that i have to vacuum almost every day and in the beige to lighten up the house! your new carpet looks great!

pG said...

Yay!! Great choice of carpet. Love the speckles...hides the dirt! We did the same thing.