Thursday, March 31, 2011

Out with the old. . .

In keeping with my own desire to chronicle our adventures here at the troops, I thought I'd show you what is going on here today.
Right now.
Breaking news, if you will.

The furniture? It's moved out. (to the garage, sunroom, and dining room)
Here's the living room this morning:

And the boys' room:
(thought it would be good time to touch up the paint, too.)

Another view of the living room:
(you can see the furniture stacked up in the sunroom.)

Here's where we put the furniture that was in the boys' and little girls' rooms:
Fun, huh?

Here's the playroom. The carpet in here is probably the worst.
Hmmmm. Wonder why?

Playroom from the entry way. See the lovely furniture in the dining room?
And don't you think the walls are awesome?
The Coach and the kids took the wall paper off over Spring Break.
It's growing on me, maybe we'll just leave it!

And the MOST fun of all, was "camping out" last night.
(We get our turn, tonight)
Here is Little Man trying to settle down for a sleep.
It took awhile.

And the girls:

Basically, we are just having WAY too much fun.

Now if the installers would just show up and get busy!
They are planning on doing half today and half tomorrow.
And the Coach seems to think by tomorrow night we will have everything back to normal.
Whatever "normal" is.

One of the best parts of having eight kids?
Everything is an adventure.

(now, where is the Advil?)


amber said...

haha~ yay for new carpet AND advil!! :)

Anonymous said...

What an adventure! I am sure it will be worth every bit of the hard work when it is finished! Enjoy!