Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fun times

Lovely Spring Break here at the troops last week. Complete with lots of sleeping in, big breakfasts, time at the farm. . .

Turns out the troops love some skeet shooting!

While trying to stay warm on the Ranger!

Mr. Cool (Son #4):

The Coach setting his sights on the clay pigeon:
(his "funny" stance was better, but it was for the kids' entertainment, not yours!)

Son #1:
He and I had fun with Son #4 shooting the .22, too.

Even the little peanut of a girl (Daughter #5) got in on the fun:

Daughter (#2):

Son #3:

We celebrated a Birthday, too!
Daughter #6 is EIGHT!
(with her new purple bike)

Chocolate Chip Cake and Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate Ice Cream.

Beautiful (if cold) views of the pond:

Pretty sunsets:

Ranger rides with precious Sweet Sitters:

More birthday FUN!
Turning 8, 21, and 4 (respectively).
And Happy.

Home once again, there were projects to be done!
Lots of yard work - mowing, raking, weed killing, flower bed cleaning, bush trimming, window washing, etc.

In the house there were projects, too.
Two rooms of wall paper to peel.

And good long sleeps back in our own beds:

And now. . .

we're back to early bedtimes,
leaving for school in the dark mornings,
carpool, homework and. . .

lots of afternoons playing outside in the warmer weather.


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amber said...

the farm looks like a wonderful retreat! glad you enjoyed the break~

not sure which daughter # it is but she looks JUST LIKE YOU! :)

happy mid week to ya