Sunday, April 10, 2011

My ways vs. His ways

It's finally quiet here, tonight. Finally.

Do you ever feel completely unprepared for the week ahead? When it's Sunday night?

I'm so there.

Blessings need to be counted, though. The safety the Lord gave last week through numerous school activities, practices, appointments. . . the work of life, these days.

I hate to admit it. . . but sometimes I miss those days when they were all little and we were dying just to get OUT of the house! Ha!

The grass is always greener, I suppose.

But our crazy busy, LOUD lives are full and rich and blessed. Full of fun, laughter, meals around the table, and someone always there to play with, and clean up after. Rich with family that loves us and friends who do a great job of pretending that they like our company, too. Blessed with God's perfect provision, unconditional love, and the peace that passes all understanding in the midst of our chaos.

Thank you, Jesus.

It seems that most days, lately, turn out differently than we originally plan them. I don't suppose that's much of a surprise when you are dealing with 10 individuals, a teacher-daddy, seven students, and a mom who can't remember where to turn (just ask the kids. . . no. . . don't!). Oh. And a four year old.

Today we were looking forward to church together, a 10K for my mom and me, and celebrating our 4th born's 11th birthday, tonight.

However, last night the birthday boy got sick. . . which changed the plans a bit. Bless his heart. If you have to be sick? Your birthday is a bummer day to do it.

I miss being at church. But I do enjoy the quiet time focusing on only ONE child. And I desperately needed to color my hair. Just being honest. When IS a mom supposed to do these things?

Mom and I still made it to our 10K. BOY was it hot. So hot, that our pace wasn't what we'd hoped for. But even though rather warm, it was a lovely Spring day. The course was pretty, and the mileage manageable (isn't anything less than 13.1?). The company was lovely, too.

Then home for a quieter evening than we'd planned. Movies, left-overs, and school preparations. . . instead of lasagna, cake, and presents with our family.

I won't deny that the quieter day, tomorrow, is really a welcome gift. Errands will wait, grocery shopping will have to be done, later. I don't mind being given a day AT HOME. With my boys (two of them, anyway). I'm pretty sure no one else will want to be here with us.

Maybe I'll even get to taking those pictures of the new carpet (that we are LOVING!). Or finish up that post on expectations that has been rolling around in my head for the last week.

But I may just fix the birthday boy some more chicken noodle soup and ginger ale and fold laundry while we watch Cosby episodes.

I wouldn't mind that a bit.

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