Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I knew it all along. . .

Turns out, the Coach, well, he's a hero.

Of course, this is not news to me. After all, he fought for me and won my heart over 13 years ago.

And every day he rescues me from all kinds of overwhelming discouragement.

And, HELLO, he bathes the kids, helps around the house, supervises the dinnertime chaos and clean up, takes the kids to school every day and so much more.

And have you SEEN our yard?

To give a disclaimer, I wasn't THERE when these events happened and I am certainly aware that other people were involved.

But my Coach, he's amazing.

During the Washington D.C. trip, the two buses were traveling from Philadelphia back to Virginia to spend the night after a day touring. One of the bus drivers became ill, radioed to the other bus and planned to pull over to the side.

Before he was able to come to a complete stop, he passed out.


While driving the Coach, my in-laws and a bus full of parents.

The Coach was able to bring the bus safely to a stop (which in a miracle in and of itself - angels, people, ANGELS), while paramedics were called and I'm sure (my own words here) chaos ensued.

Of course, after the driver was taken safely to the hospital (and he's fine, now, by the way), the bus was left standing there - with all of the passengers on the side of the high way a LONG WAY from where they were headed.

But wonder of all wonders (sit down, this is amazing), the Coach has his passenger CDL.

I know. I told you it was amazing.

So after a phone call and being hired by the bus company right on the spot, he was able to drive the group the rest of the way that night.

Great story, huh?

The next day another bus was secured, another driver sent up from here to take over for the sick one and things returned to their usual schedule.

"For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.
They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash they foot against a stone."
Ps. 91:11-12

Sometimes, gratefulness just isn't a big enough word.


Jo said...

Whoa! What a story. What a great guy. Man vs. Wild.

Daisy Girl said...

Wow! So what I want to know is if he got paid by the bus company? :)

Anonymous said...

That is neat!! God truly is in the details isn't He.....He loves to go beyond what we could ever ask or think. THankful they made it home safely and that all is back to normal at your house. :-)
I like the new picture of you two at the top...so cute. You both look like you haven't aged a day...and that is a HUGE deal..after 8 kiddos!!! :-)

Laura said...

WOW! What a great God story!! So I suppose you will be working on your CDL before you take the big girl? :-)

Daniel said...

I must say I'm not too surprised a coach has a CDL, but that is still very, very cool. I would like to see the video of him controlling the bus around a slumped-over driver.

mom2camo said...

What a great story! God is Sovereign in all things!

Sileena said...

Isn't it wonderful when the Lord uses your hubby to do something great like that and at the same time lets him look good doing it?
What a great story! Did you finish "how the coach won my heart"? I can't believe I missed it.