Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our (old) House

We moved out of our old house in November of 2005. What a blessing that little house was! That we even had it was God's miraculous provision. We were so grateful for it. We had such fun fixing it up little by little in the nine plus years we were there.

The Kitchen after remodeling

Easter 2003 by Azaleas in the back yard

Play set that Granddad Designed. Before it was finished.

Kids (not all mine!) eating on the deck

Our cattle tank pool

As you can see, a great house with lots of memories. One of the best being that we were next door to my Granddad and the kids were able to see him often and know him well.

We brought six babies home to that house (Son #1 was a baby when we moved in). All 1,650 square feet of it. Good thing they were all little, then! We had three bedrooms and a small "sun porch" upstairs. Three boys in one room, three girls in another, and the baby (Daughter #7, at the time) in our sun porch/nursery. All sharing one bathroom.

Such fun.

Thanks for letting me reminisce.


mom2camo said...

Love the pic of the kitchen counter with all the medicines out...looks like mine! They need it so much when they're little!! Love the house...ours is an old one too...91 years old this year!

Jo said...

Wow. Now you're my hero for sure. I love the pictures. Something about older homes is so endearing. Thanks for sharing and thanks for emailing me the sweet picture. Love ya.

Laura said...

I loved that house too! Loved hanging out and kids running amuck! But am so glad the Lord has blessed you with the new house too!! Just wish I was still close to make more memories with you in this one!! :-) Miss you!