Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thankful Thursday - End of School Edition

The Summer confusion has started around here.
It doesn't seem to matter what day of the week it is.
It's a sure way to miss an appointment now and then, though.
But OH I have a lot to be thankful for right now!

1. Summer! We're just starting to realize it, but how WONDERFUL to be out of school!

2. An incredibly blessed year of school. Every one of the five school kids had a great year and did well. I'm so grateful to the Lord for His provision of schooling for our kids.

3. The end of school events are officially over. Woo hoo!

Son (#4) and his Christian Citizenship Award with our Headmaster

4. Son #1 did so well on his 6th grade graduation speech. What a kid!

5. For five sweet teachers, plus all of the special teachers (art, computer, PE, math, library, etc.) who loved on, taught, and showed such kindness to my kids all year.

Son (#1) with his 6th Grade Teacher

Son (#4) with his 1st Grade Teacher.

Daughter (#5) with her Kindergarten Teacher

6. That the Coach is on his Summer schedule (sort of) and is home more. Yeah!

The Coach with Son (#1) at his 6th Grade Graduation

7. For all of the ongoing projects we are in the midst of here with our house. I've taken lots of "before" pictures - can't wait to show you!

8. For a great time with the Coach's family on Sunday night celebrating Memorial Day (pictures to follow). What a blessing to have so much family! And OH BOY do all of those kids have fun playing together!

9. For a hair cut yesterday. So nice.

10. For Grandmother, who helps with so much - especially taking my vacuum in yesterday to get it fixed. You can't imagine a house with 10 people, construction projects, and no vacuum!

11. For a house full of cousins/babysitters right around the corner. We wouldn't have made it through that last week of school without them.

12. That the "Fifth Disease" is starting to wind down with my little ones. What fun that has been. Whew.

13. For the beautiful days we've spent outside and our beautiful yard that the Coach and the boys have worked so hard on. (I think that was two things)

And now, I'm off to feed breakfast to those who are awake (3 of 8). At 7:45! I'm telling you, Summer is great!

Happy Thursday!


Daisy Girl said...

What a great list! Thanks for sharing! Have a great Thursday!

Grana said...

It sounds like you are a busy momma! Are you still going to Tammy for a hair cut? I lost touch with her and wondered where she was. I will be in next week for a couple of days! Maybe we could get the babies together.
Love ya!

Jo said...

What a great list. Notice how our lists are longer in the summer. So whats the trick to getting your kids to sleep so late with dawn coming so early?

Laura said...

OK, love the paint! It really looks so good! Second, I CAN NOT believe how big the kids are getting! Good grief! We are hoping to be in OK in July, hope to see you guys then! Miss you terribly and definitely could use a dinner out with the girls and Panera! Love you!