Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ballet Recital

We've had so much fun in the last week or so.
Unfortunately I haven't had time to share all of it!
So I'm going to go back and try to catch up.

Starting with my little girls' ballet recital last Sunday.
Here they are doing their second number - the tap dance.
"Baby, Take a Bow."
(The little girl on the right is WAY doing her own thing.)

They were precious.
Daughter #6 is on the left, Daughter #5 on the right (next to the tubby one).

Daughters (#5 and #6) took ballet and tap with their cousin this year. They had a great time. However, we're all grateful that it's over. Did I say that?

Check out the little chickadee on the right - funny how no one else is kicking. HA!

These pictures are all from their second dance - the tap.
They also did a ballet number with darling tutus.
To a Cinderella song.
It was really sweet.

Here are Daughter #5, Cousin B. and Daughter #6 afterwards.

Here they are with Grandmother and Granddad. Who win the prize for coming to the LONG dance recital. Not all the dances were "cute", if you know what I mean.

After a year of dance classes for two of my eight children, I came to the conclusion (not soon enough, obviously) that this doesn't fit into our already busy lives.

But it was a great thing to do ONCE.

They loved it. And it's over. Best part of all - the costumes are ours. Can you imagine how much fun that will be?

Happy Sunday!


Grana said...

Too cute! The girls are darling! I can't believe how much I miss seeing your mom and dad! I have got to get by to see them when I come to town next! Have a great holiday! BTW I miss you too!

Daisy Girl said...

So glad you shared the pictures! I've been looking forward to seeing them! They are so precious! Did you survive the weekend?

Jo said...

I've missed you friend! Had fun catching up with all your news. Sounds like you're loving summer. We have no where to be this week - so stoked.

Laura said...

Oh what fun for the girls! They look adorable! And Grandmother and Granddad are looking good too! How fun for them. I think. Kidding! Those recitals can be sooooo long.

Daisy Girl said...

I know you've got a gazillion kids at your house, and a brand new swing set, and your house is being overhauled and remodeled but don't leave us hanging out here in blogland! We miss you! Come back to us!