Friday, May 16, 2008

Fabulous Friday Favorites

Morning, All!

It IS still morning, right? I'm a little out of it - haven't been feeling great. Started antibiotics last night, so I'm going to feel GREAT by later today, I'm just sure of it.

However, life still continues on, whether I'm a bit slow or not!

Today for FFF, I'm going to share something kind of embarrassing. Well, it's not embarrassing, I guess for ME, but the fact that we NEED something like this at our house is gross.

However, I'm all for keepin' it real, as you well know, so here it is.

Yeah, I know. Urine Gone. Told you it was embarrassing. And I won't mention names. But we have one child who walks (and not to the bathroom, if you know what I mean) in his (or her, I'm just sayin') sleep. Frequently. Not every night, but almost. I'm just glad when I FIND where he's been.

And then there is the child who wears pull ups, but they don't always do the trick. I'm just sayin'. Sometimes it's nice to have some help with these household clean up issues.

I really like this product. They should spend more on the spray bottle - it's horrible. But the stuff works. You blot up any moisture, then saturate the area with this and let it air dry. Works on mattresses, carpet, sofas, you name it. I know, now when you come to my house you're going to wonder. . .

So I hope you DON'T need this, but if you do, I'm glad it's available. I bought mine at Wal-mart, but the WWW says it's cheaper at Walgreen's.

What do YOU use and like that you want to tell us about? Leave your link below. Be sure and link to your specific post and not just your blog. And make sure to leave comments wherever you go. Comments make me especially happy when I'm sick.

Happy Friday!


Daisy Girl said...

Thanks for sharing! I actually have not tried this before but could actually use it. Have a Fabulous Friday!

Daisy Girl said...
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Daisy Girl said...

Hope you feel better soon. Sorry about the about delete. I got excited apparently and hit the button twice. Praying for you friend!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon, Mrs. Troop. Thanks for the tip on FF ~ my kids have at one time or another needed the support of bed wetters anonymous to overcome. We just stopped buying pull-ups not too long ago for one . . . but shhh! big secret around our house, good thing they don't get to spend the night away from home! Have a great day! Sumer

The Anderson Zoo said...

Hey Karen. I have never thought of that. We need it. Thanks for sharing.

Sorry you are not feeling well. Hope all those drugs start working quickly for you.

Jo said...

Does that work for cats?

Grana said...

Hey Girl,
Sorry you aren't feeling good!
I have a great laundry product
I use, so I will post it for you
today. I wish I could put the
FF logo, but haven't quite figured
it out! I will get with Keli and
see if she can help, because we
both have Mac's!
Love ya,