Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thankful Thursday - Late Edition

Happy Thursday!

I know it's almost over at this point, but give me credit for doing this at all today!

What a crazy week.

Today I'm thankful:

1. That my red Williamsburg quilt - brand new and beautiful, except for the Cheetos from Daughter (#7) - is WASHABLE.

2. For Spaghetti. So little effort - so many filled tummies.

3. For Cell Phones. Any one remember the days when a trip across the country meant only one or two expensive long distance calls?

4. That I didn't shoot the dog this morning when he got out for the 10 hundredth time and jumped up on me with muddy paws when I was loading the kids to go to the dentist.

5. For our wonderful pediatric dentist. He takes care of all of our kids. Thanks, Dr. Roberts!

6. For 24 hour Wal-mart Super Center. And milk for breakfast.

7. That I only have two more days as a single mom.

8. That there is only one more ballet class for the year (after tonight).

9. We have LESS THAN three more weeks of school.

10. For reservations for vacation in Breckenridge. Yeah!

11. For Nieces and Nephews who can DRIVE - and who have been taking my kids to and from school this week. Wonderful.

12. For beautiful weather.

13. Only two more days.

14. Seriously, I wanted to shoot the dog.

I digress.

15. And last, but not least, for sisters-in-law. I didn't have a sister as a child, but I'm blessed now with ELEVEN of them. All precious. All kind. All wonderful mothers. And what an encouragement they are to me.

Leave me a comment and let me know what YOU are thankful for.

And maybe tomorrow I can get my act together and post EARLIER for Fabulous Friday Favorites.

See you then!


Daisy Girl said...

What a great list! I'm thankful my long, tall, Texan husband is coming home tonight! Okay, so maybe living in a Marriott hotel in Texas for 6 months doesn't qualify one to be a Texan. But it sounded good!

Jo said...

Thankful for friends with perspective!!!! Oh how a little dose goes a long way. Love you friend.