Friday, May 2, 2008

Fabulous Friday Favorites!

It's really Friday! I thought it would never come, but here it is. And I'm still tired. But OH the anticipation of only ONE MORE NIGHT before the Coach gets home. I really expected to miss him, but I had no idea how MUCH I'd miss him. Even more sad, is that we have kind of gotten into a new, depressing, life without Daddy, routine. Like we've adjusted. Ugh! Glad he's coming home tomorrow night.

OK. For today's post, I'm really not feeling inspired. But here are two things I absolutely CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT. Well, truthfully, if the Lord called us to some remote area to tell people about Jesus, I'd stock up, but I'd survive without it.

First off: This hand lotion.
My hands really take a beating every day. I've found that keeping them moisturized really helps me fight the other problem I have with eczema. So I put this on every time I'm in the car (at a stoplight or waiting for the kids in carpool lane - not driving, of course) and before I get into bed. It's not greasy (I love Aquaphor, but hate the greasy feeling) and really does the trick.

And then there is Chapstick. But not just ANY Chapstick. THIS Chapstick.
I can't stand to have dry lips. I keep this in the kitchen, my purse, my bathroom, everywhere I might need to grab some.

And that, my Dear Friends, is all I have for you today.

Jump right in with something inspiring! I need it!

Remember to post about something you use and like - and be sure to link to your specific post and not just your blog.

And leave comments wherever you go!

Because they make me happy!

Comments make me very happy!

(do I sound desperate, yet?)

Happy Friday!


Jo said...

Be Happy.

Jo said...

Be very Happy

Jo said...

Very Very Happy. Love you today Friend!!!! Happy Coach Homecoming. Eat two bags of MMs today just in honor of...

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen excited your hubby is coming home!!! I know you will feel complete..and take a deep sigh when you see him come home!!!
P.S. I made those yummy rice krispie treats the recipe....only had milk chocolate chips, we will see if that tastes okay...but I am anxious to make it with the semi-sweet too.

Daisy Girl said...

Those both sound great! Thanks for the recommendations! Have a great weekend!

mom2camo said...

Thanks for sharing! Both sound like essentials for a busy momma! I'll have to try those!

Kim Jackson said...

Thanks for reading my 2 day old blog. It makes me feel important. My husband is gone too. Has been for 5 days and I still have 2 days to go...I can totally relate to the new depressing life without Daddy routine. We've adjusted, but it's definitely not an ideal life. Also, thanks for your encouragement to my sister. You are a really good friend to her. I think I will try your hand hands are horrible right now. They get neglected a lot!! I'll add it to my shopping list. Thanks!