Friday, May 16, 2008

Our Day

I'm feeling a little under the weather.

The Coach sent me to the urgent care last night and I came home with several medications.

There's the Z-pac, the cough medicine, the Mucinex and the Zyrtec (which you all know is my drug of choice).

Thinking I'll feel better any minute now.

But until then, I thought I'd let you know that you should NOT, under any circumstance DROP IN at my house today.

Because my sweet people that I love have a way of doing that.

On days like today.

When I am still in my PJ's at 12:45 pm.

And so are my girls.

And the breakfast dishes are still piled on the counter. And the lunch dishes. The laundry is all piled in the living room waiting to be folded. And waiting.

And never mind the rest of the house.

Just never mind.

Now, normally I LOVE drop in visits. I live for them.

There was a time when I actually didn't mind because my house was always clean. Not so much, anymore.

But after years of therapy, I've over that.

Usually I love for you to come, anyway. Never mind the mess. Because people are more important than my house being clean (go ahead, repeat that to yourself over and over, again).

But today. Don't even bother to call.

And even you come knock on my door, or come into my backyard and knock on my completely GLASS sun room door where you can see into my house and mess and me in my PJ's. . . I won't answer.

In fact, I may run into the back of the house and hope that I remembered to lock the door first.

Because it's that kind of day.

And encase you are ever in this situation, here are some ideas of "What to Play when Mom's Sick and Doesn't Care." I borrowed this from my girls. Because they are creative. And will have NONE OF THAT watching movies all day. Even though I try to make them.

1. Get out all of the sleeping bags and pillows and lay them all over the playroom floor and turn ON a movie, but don't watch it. Just play camp out. Be sure and bring all of the dolls and toys FROM the bedroom to have more company.
2. Go out into the garage (with the door closed) and ride scooters and tricycles around and around in circles. Because the Coach's car is gone and the garage - it's actually somewhat picked up. And yelling echoes beautifully out there.
3. Play "shower". Fully clothed. Still in their PJ's, of course. The boy's bathroom has a nice big shower with sliding glass doors. And never mind that my girls WILL NOT actually TAKE a shower. Pretending to take one while fully clothed with the water off is FUN.
4. Color new Hello Kitty coloring book with new colored pencils (Wasn't such a bad idea to pick those up on Wednesday while I was at Hobby Lobby, after all). Empty pencil shaving in trash repeatedly. Be sure to dump some of that on the floor so Baby Boy can play in it.

And if you are looking for some younger activities, here are some ideas for a one year old.

1. Play in the sippy cup drawer. I know. It's sad. We have a WHOLE DRAWER of sippies. Not all nice fancy ones - some just cups with lids. But it's his favorite spot.
2. Crawl up to aforementioned tricycle in the garage and beg for a ride. They'll give you one. If you don't mind being squished a little.
3. Play in the trash. Anyone say pencil shavings?
4. While the girls are taking turns with the pretend showers, pull the toilet paper off the roll. Endless hours of entertainment.
5. That Spanish moss in the bottom of the silk ficus tree? Great fun!
6. Almost empty water bottles with the lids on tight are the best toy ever. Forget those expensive educational toys that someone with one child gave you. Go with the water bottle.

So now you know what's going on here at the Troops today. And don't ask what I've been doing. Let's just say there have been a few messes to clean up. Just a few. And I'm good about going around saying "Careful!" so they don't hurt themselves.

~Leave me a comment and tell me what's going on at YOUR house~

And to be honest - the kids, they've been great. Completely entertaining themselves while I go around cleaning up the messes. They're great that way.


Jo said...

This is sooooooo funny. We're packing the car to go tomorrow. You must must must feel better now. Or I'm coming to drop in...... Love you.

Daisy Girl said...

Oh dear friend, you are so funny, even in the midst of your misery, you are hilarious. I hope you feel better soon!

And as for what is going on at my house, apparently the boys have been stuffing everything they own and everything from several trash cans and every dirty clothing item they have under their bed everytime we have shown the house recently.... SO we are cleaning it all out. I've got HAZMAT suits for everyone and have a yellow danger sign now hanging on their door! And that is what we are doing!

Have a great weekend!

Sileena said...

I wish I could say I'm being more productive than I am but first confession's first. I drove hubby to church this morning to leave for 2 days to a men's conference. Soo...I have not opened my makeup drawer one time. I thought about taking the girls shopping. At the mall. For about 20 seconds and then decided that sounded too painful. I bathed 2. Made corndog dough. Have 1 dusting pics and another 1 cleaning baseboards while I roll out the dough for their dinner! Because I tooootally believe in child labor. Would you believe the 5 yr. old says this is fun. "And I'm not lying mom". she's the one cleaning the base boards.

Daisy Girl said...

Hey friend! Have a great week! I'm off to Disney World tomorrow! WooHoo!

Laura said...

You are too funny! And we love Tim Hawkins!