Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Quiet Moment!

A slightly cloudy afternoon here at the troops, in spite of the 100+ temperatures.

I'm not exactly sure why it's quiet, just now.

It's delightful.

"My Fair Lady" is playing in the living room.  Some kids are eating lunch, others have already eaten and have gone back to playing.

American Girl dolls/school/vacation something or other.

And for once this week?

No one is screaming at anyone else.

I know my kids shouldn't yell.  But they do.  And I know they shouldn't say certain things.  But they do.

We are all learning to live together and get a long and give up our rights.

It's part of life.

(And I'm sorry to say I yell every now and then, too.)

In between all of the driving to and fro. . . running errands. .  . appointments, practices, and just LIFE (meaning meals and laundry, of course). . . it hasn't felt much like "Summer" at all around here.

Oh.  Someone is yelling. . . the quiet didn't last long, did it?

If I could hire someone to work here, at the troops, it would be someone who could follow the children around and tell them to "turn that off, please", "flush, please", "go back and close that, please", "hang it up when you are done, please", etc. etc.

I know I'm the mom.  And it's my job.  But I'm tired of it.

And while we are dreaming. . . I'd hire a chauffeur, too.  Think of all I could get done if I could just be HOME.

We DID clean out the girls' overflowing closet and drawers.  It's very nice to have it done.  And it only took 4 hours, weeping and gnashing of teeth, and LOTS of, "come back here, we aren't finished, yet!"

We also traded out the Legos for the Playmobil.  We only have one set of a million pieces out at any given time, the other stays stored in the attic.  The Legos have been out for months.  So it was time.  Or so I thought.

The fighting over the pieces of "food" may convince me otherwise.  Maybe they have a set with JUST food that I could order.  It seems to be the most desired of all items.

The school year is remarkably busy here.  Somehow I wait all year for Summer in the hopes that there WILL be some quiet.  Some weeks that aren't so booked.  Some days when we can just BE and not RUSH.

The truth is, all year we put things off and schedule them for Summer, "when it won't be so busy".  Leaving ourselves overbooked, rushing around, getting up early instead of sleeping in, trying to fit it all in before school starts, again, in a few short weeks.

Maybe because of that, when a quiet moment DOES come (like the hour or two I have this afternoon), I am trying to relish it.  Enjoy it.  Maybe even fall asleep.

Who knows when it will happen, again!

Happy Summer, Sweet Friends!

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