Monday, June 25, 2012


It's hard to believe that just four weeks ago, the Coach and I were packing up to go to Chicago by ourselves for an amazing four days.  It was so very wonderful, restful, romantic, fun. . . we just had the best time!

Three weeks ago, we were packing up our two oldest off to Rwanda with Reaching Souls International.  They saw over 14,000 people saved.  Yes.  I said fourteen THOUSAND.  Life-changing, I tell you.  For them AND for us.

Two weeks ago, the kids and I celebrated my 39th birthday. . . with Starbucks in the morning, dress shopping, Madagasscar 3 at the matinee, dinner at Chipotle with the kids (minus our two oldest) and the Coach, the Thunder game, and the MOST AMAZING CAKE EVER from Lori.  Amazing.

Last week, we were mid-VBS (for three), girls' basketball camp (for two), jury duty (for me - yay.), and were preparing to welcome our very own missionaries back home from their two weeks away.

I don't suppose it's necessary to say that this Summer has been busy.

And we continue struggling to find the balance in it all.

Needing desperately to get things done that we don't have time for during school - cleaning out, organizing, projects.  But also seriously needing FUN time. . .swimming, playing, friends. . . after such a hectic school year for the troops.

Understanding more fully each and every day, what matters for ETERNITY (and it's not cleaned out cabinets, by the way) and yet realizing, too, that the groceries still need to be bought, the meals have to be made, the laundry has to be done, none of which will last even a day.

Loving and finding joy in the blessed life the Lord has given us. . . healthy kids, lots of laughter, a home we love, a job the Coach enjoys, family close by.  Yet, our lives are also burdened with pain, trials, heart-ache. . . as we struggle to submit to the "hard" and find joy there, too.

So maybe the theme for this Summer is balance.  Letting some things go (like the blog) so we can enjoy some others (the laughter at the pool).  Remembering that the PEOPLE (particularly my Coach and my eight troops) matter more than the Projects.  That a relaxed mom matters more than a perfectly clean house. That the TIME with each other matters more than crossing things off the to-do list.  And our HOPE?  It's in Christ. . . not in our ability to handle it all on our own.

And especially thankful for grace. . .

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amber said...

sounds busy and full and oh, so wonderful! kate's last day of school is tomorrow, and ben, thursday. looking forward to my "troops" around me again too all day, every day! =)

love your last paragraph. you INSPIRE me, friend.

happy summering!!