Friday, July 27, 2012

Here at the troops. . .

Sitting by my biggest big boy. . . while he attempts to eat a Red Mango smoothie. . . with numb lips, jaw, chin.  It's quite humorous.  But I keep laughing at the TV, instead.  Top Gear.  His favorite show.

Or one of them.

The Coach went to pick up the pain meds so we could get them started asap.  Grandmother took Son #3 to his volunteer job this week at a NOVO day camp so we could be on duty here at home.

I can hear Little Man and two of the girls laughing with my cousin, who is visiting from California.  We love her.  And her sister who left this morning.

Daughter (#2) just got out of the shower - after her first morning back in volleyball practice.  I probably should send her in to clean her room.

Daughter (#6) is at a friend's house.  The first play date of the Summer.  HOW have we not done this even ONCE all Summer long?

We've had a great week with family here from not only California. . . but also Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Texas (did I miss anyone?).  Lot's of late night movies and games with our California girls. . . many of which I had to excuse myself from so I could get some SLEEP.  All to celebrate our precious family AND the dear lady we all call "Nana", who is celebrating her 95th birthday!

In the middle of which, we've discovered that Daughter (#6) has Acid Reflux (something about the month-long lack of sleep, nightly crying, and weight-loss, followed by an appointment with our wonderful doctor).  She's adjusting to the meds, and so far. . . I think they are helping!

Thank you, Lord.

Summer is almost over.  Unfortunately.  It hasn't seemed very restful.  But it's been good.  Lots to be grateful for and lots going on.

Sometime (next week, hopefully), I need to start having the kids try on school pants and shoes. . . go through supply lists (did I mention everything from the end of school is still piled up on top of the lockers in the garage?). . . make sure backpacks are in working order. . . and get ourselves geared up for volleyball and football season.


I love it.  I do.

But I'm tired.  I am.

(Yoda? Is that you?)

Wishing we were back in Colorado on vacation (like last week - it was lovely!).  Wishing it wasn't 100 million degrees outside.  Ugh.  Wishing I were caught up on posting and pictures and thank-you notes from my birthday (in June!).

The Coach and I were talking a few weeks ago (probably during our weekend together in Branson - Spiderman movie included) and he said, "I think you should start blogging, again."  It took me a minute.  "You mean I've stopped?"

I guess in my mind, I blog a lot.  I'm either praying (more often these days) or writing a post about whatever craziness is going on here at the troops.  Yes, you could say that I am just talking to myself. . . but I'm NOT!  I'm talking to the Lord.  And my blog friends.  Even if you rarely hear what I'm saying.

God is good.  Life is busy.

Happy Friday!

OH!  Son (#1) just got his wisdom teeth out - I kind of forgot that part.  He's doing great!


Brooke said...

Will the Little Man be starting kindergarten this year? How will you manage that???

Mrs. Troop said...

Little Man COULD start this year, but we've waited to start our boys until they have been six. So he'll have one more year home with me. I'm glad. :-)

jo said...

Glad to hear your summer summary. Can you believe the super sonic summer? We are home at last too and hoping to soak up the next 10 days. I think you should start blogging again too!!! I'm a big fan.:) Hugs