Monday, August 20, 2012

Reality Check #555

First day of school!  First day of School! 

Summer wore me out.  Football/volleyball season promises more of the same.  But maybe with a bit more quiet in my days. 

Little Man literally GIGGLED when he asked to watch "Curious George" this morning, after the kids all left.  For the first time in months.  And chocolate milk?  You betcha!

It's quiet at the troops.

But all isn't exactly "well".

First of all, my hours and hours of preparations and even a late night trip to the store last night for a few more "lunch" options. . .

Still made for a crazy morning with very tired kids.

Then. . . mid-sandwich making and cereal bowl gathering. . .

My big boys tried to sneak out.

Good thing I caught them in time for a "first day" photo.  Whew.  Because we wouldn't be able to survive without THAT, right?

Son #3, 8th grader. . . football practice first hour.  Son #1, Stuco meeting BEFORE first hour.  And they were off.

No problem, right?  I'll catch the other five on their way out.  If only it WERE that simple.  Sigh.  Between sleepiness and a continuing struggle with acid reflux, Daughter #6 was unable to participate. . .

So here we have. . . Little Man, Pre-Ker extraordinaire in his spider man jammies.  Daughter #5 - FIFTH GRADER, forheavenssake.  Daughter #2, Sophomore.  Son #4, 6th grader.  Sniff.  Daughter #2, 2ndgraderlittlehappypants.

So not everything went wrong this morning. 

But I thought a "real first day in the life" post was in order.

And now I'm off to call the pediatrician.  Before "Cat in the Hat" is over and it's time to start "homeschool" (ie: coloring pages) with Little Man.

Happy Monday!

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