Monday, January 28, 2013

A Blessed Monday

It's HARD for me to sit still.  I'm a DOER, a list-maker, and when the list doesn't change from day to day - except to add to it - I feel like a big fat failure.

Partly because there is a lot to do here at the troops.  Just daily "life" things for 10.  School with m 4th grader.  And Little Man.  Running around, making us laugh, making messes with his endless "projects" - like putting water and food coloring in a glass and dipping cotton balls in it to make them pink.  Yikes.

We're a little behind on the daily things after a week of grieving the loss of the Coach's grandma, spending time with family, and a basketball tournament over the weekend.

But today, I woke a little girlie up for school at 6:25 to find her burning with fever.  The other kids got off to school, while my "homeschoolers" slept on so I could get her settled on the couch with Gatorade and Netflix.

Priorities.  Not interruptions.  Putting first things first.  People before projects (not the Little Man kind, but the 6 loads of laundry to fold kind).  Rubbing my little girl's back and smoothing her hair back instead of crossing errands off the list.  After all, the laundry is always there.  Always.

And you know what?  I'm blessed.  Grateful I CAN take the day to care for my little one.  Grateful that I don't have to call in sick to stay home.  Grateful that I have a 17 year old to bring the kids home from school, later.  A mom to listen on the phone.  A friend to call to compare symptoms and treatments.  Cheesy movies to watch. Recliners to rest in.  Soup to heat for lunch and lots of saltine crackers.  Coffee.  More coffee.  Dinner in the crock pot.  Maybe even getting my workout in later when the Coach gets home.   I might even get a shower, at some point.  Ha!  And did I mention that one of Little Man's hermit crabs switched shells overnight?  This is fun stuff!

In the meantime, Little Man is working on something in the kitchen.  I'm concerned.  And since the sick princess is sleeping, I should probably investigate.  Maybe he'll help me make some muffins for the patient.

Happy Monday!

And did I mention how grateful I am that it's NOT the stomach flu?  Thank you, Jesus!

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Cindy P said...

LOVE your perspective! 'Priorities. Not interruptions.' Oh how I needed this today- now I'm off to fold some laundry before I am interrupted by my priorities (they are still asleep)...:)