Thursday, March 7, 2013

Almost Ready. . .

The Coach and I have a weekend by ourselves scheduled.  Starting tomorrow.

I'm a little bit excited.


A lot excited.

I started feeling better on Tuesday (Thank heavens for antibiotics.  Hate them until I need them.).  My first and foremost item of necessity was to dig out from under the PILE (laundry, mail, school stuff, errands, etc.).

And my second order of business?

Getting my sorry self ready for a weekend with my man!

So began the:
Hair coloring
Teeth whitening
Manicure giving
Toenail painting
Lotion applying
Facial scrubbing

At which point it occurred to me that since there was no possible way to lose 10 pounds by Friday, I should just let it all go.


My mom (who is beautiful, by the way) and I were laughing the other day about what a waste of time these "beauty" routines, are.  There's only so much a girl can do.  And most days, when the kids are clamoring and there are other things needing to be done, the time I spend on myself is minimal, at best.  It seems like such a waste when it all has to be done again, tomorrow!  You know this is the case when your 9 year old says, "You are wearing THAT to Sam's?"  Huh?

But it's a weekend AWAY and it doesn't happen often.  Time to go all out!  I've also looked at restaurants in the area, what movies are showing, and whether or not the hotel is close enough to a Starbucks that we can walk.

Along with figuring out where the kids are staying and with whom.  Typing up a schedule for Saturday volleyball games, planning and getting what groceries the kids at home will need, getting movies from the library for them to watch, making sure all of the cars have gas and that they have money in their accounts if they need to get anything.

So I'm almost ready. . . A few more errands today, along with allergy shots . . .one more pass over the house with a vacuum and windex. . .maybe another teeth whitening strip or two.

And I'll be set.

Of course, tonight, when the Coach gets home, he'll get ready, too.

He'll throw two pairs of jeans and two Nike half-zip pullovers in a duffle bag and declare, "Alright, then.  Let's go."

Love him.

Happy Thursday!

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Zimms Zoo said...

And we even got to see you in the midst of all of that! You are a super busy lady!