Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Two Steps Forward. . . Three Steps Back

I took Son (#4) to get his learner's permit this morning.  He passed the written test and drove me to Starbucks (hear the angels singing?).  I have a feeling it's going to take extra boxes of brown hair color to get me through teaching our fourth to drive.  But when I start to lose heart, I just remember, the next three are GIRLS.

Oh glory.

Sometimes it's easy to look at raising kids like a check list of life skills.

Sleeping through the night.  Check.  Times eight.
Eating solids.  Check.  Times eight.
Walking.  Check.  Times eight.
Potty training.  Check. Times eight (and never ever again, thankyouverymuch).
Swimming.  Reading.  Riding a bike...  Check. Check.  And check.

The other day the Coach and I were outside watching Little Man ride his bike up and down the hill in front of the house.  When did this happen, I asked the Coach, how did he get so BIG?  It wasn't even one of the SMALL bikes?  ((sniff))

As they get older, it becomes...
Driving.  Check.  Times four (almost).
Overseas Travel without parents.  Check.  Times three.

Graduate from High school.  Check. Times two.
College.  Check.  Times two (in progress).

It feels this way sometimes.  Passing milestones like mile markers on the turnpike going 75 miles an hour.  It's flying.  I don't even have time to put the pictures in albums.

But then Little Man brought home an assignment to draw a diagram of his room (to learn North, South, East and West).  He told the teacher he wasn't sure if he should draw it messy or clean (what??).  And then proceeded to tell me he wasn't sure what shape to draw his room because he never sees the floor.

And Daughter's (#6) class discussed Jesus being left in the temple by his parents and the teacher said, "Your parents would never leave you!" Which of course prompted countless stories from my kids of who has been left where and for how long.  ((sigh))

Not to mention that the school pants are getting too tight and the boys' hair is getting too long and I'm not so sure AR points will all be gotten by Friday and someone (I can't remember who) still needs basketball shoes for practice that started last week.

So maybe on the one hand we are checking things off.

On the other hand, we are parenting individuals.  Who are each completely unique.  Who will do things differently at different times and in different ways.  Which means it is NEVER boring.  And thank you, Lord, for second graders.  And 15 year old chauffeurs.  And 11th birthdays.  And college kids who text their mom (hint).


I'm also thankful that the Coach whispered in my ear as he kissed me goodbye this morning (after all of the stories about me leaving them and Little Man's chronicle of his messy room to his teacher)... "You're a wonderful mom."

I'm not so certain.

But what would I do without him?  Or our troops? (Even if I do forget them now and then.  Ha!)

Happy Tuesday.


Brett and Kelly Burleson said...

This happens at our house with only TWO left (two gone). Couldn't imagine (four times towo more!). It's an adventure and FUN! (right.....?)

amber said...

you're just one of my fav moms to "listen" to. :)) thank you for reminding me of parenting INDIVIDUALLY! it's easy, like you said, to just go through the check list and get wrapped up in the urgent things we forget the important. that's something God's been speaking to my heart about big time lately.. slowing down and making time for the important! the needing extra hair color from teaching your kiddos to drive makes me laugh.. i never thought i'd be THAT mom who was a nervous wreck when my kids were driving. well, hello!!!!! i'm her!!! ;)) happy tuesday, sweet friend. xo

Mrs. Troop said...

Adventure and fun!! For sure! ☺️

Mrs. Troop said...

Amber, teaching kids to drive has pushed me over the edge! 😜 Even the Coach makes fun of me. And I tend to the conveyor belt personality so parenting each one individually is one of my greatest challenges. Along with not losing anyone. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for walking this journey by my virtual side. ❤️