Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vacation 2010 - Part 2

So after not enough glorious days on the beach. . .
The storm arrived.
I suppose we were blessed to not be hit BY hurricane Alex.
But the storms were fierce.

Making lemonade from our Hurricane lemons:

We were off to see Toy Story 3:

Visit the local Urgent Care:
(no stitches needed, thankfully)

Eat fresh seafood:
(glad to know NOW that Daughter #6 can't have shellfish)

Shop for T-shirts
(Little Man and Granddad waiting for the girls to make up their minds.)

Talk passers-by into taking our picture:

Check out the local Aquarium:

(shark cages)

Even the "big" kids enjoyed the fish:

And we didn't let the 40 mile per hour winds and pelting rain keep US out of the surf!

The waters begin to rise AROUND the house - so much for "beach front"
- the beach dissappeard!

Grandmother and I thought it was crazy to be out in the wind and rain!

Crazy crazy storm:

But there had to be a picture of the troops, in spite of it all:

We eventually headed home.
A day early.
(leaving the Coach's wedding ring behind in the ocean)
And let me just say. . .
Have you ever traveled with 12 people and a week's worth of beach gear in one van?
Well. . .
Then you've never lived! Ha!

I heard someone say once (Gary Smalley, mabye?) that when things go "wrong" on family vacations it makes the BEST memories. Two months later.

And you know what?

Hasn't even been that long and I'd have to say we had a GREAT time!


Zimms Zoo said...

How fun! I hope I have the same attitude if things don't go as planned on ours.

Looks like you guys had a great time.

Corrie said...

Wow! CRAZY - but it looks like you still managed a good bit of fun!

Enjoy your trip this week. :-)

Five Freddys said...

Love it!