Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vacation 2010 - Before the storm

Our traditional "on the road" picnic lunch. Somewhere South of Dallas.

Kids first time at the beach!
Beautiful Sunsets. Our favorite time to walk!

LOVED playing in the sand and water.

The Coach and I spent HOURS in the surf with the big kids. FUN!

Grandmother helping get the boat out far enough.

Little Man LOVED the beach! (we loved that he loved it, too. except for the afternoon he wandered 14 houses down before we caught up with him!)

They loved finding crabs in the seaweed.

The nice calm waves.

Our beach house for the week.

I'll post the second half of the week (can you say Hurricane Alex?) next. . .


Shauna said...

Great pictures! Very cool beach house!! You did not tell me about Worth adventure...we have so much catching up to do ~ look forward to our trip and plenty of time to chat.

Corrie said...

ooo - looks like fun! Glad you had time to enjoy the beach before the storm!

The Adventures of Treasure's Island said...

love the beach pictures! looking forward to the next batch of pics.

jo said...

I'm so glad you were able to go. Beach house looks amazing. Right on the beach I take it? Isn't it the greatest. Beach equals happy busy kids who sleep great at night.