Wednesday, June 23, 2010

When your issues have issues

Been reading a great book. "Love and War" by the Eldredges. Really enjoying it. Goes right along with my "keepin' it real" theme here at Mrs. Troop.

It's given me a lot to think about regarding how we process things through what we've been through and experienced ourselves. We ALL have issues. Even with the blessed heritage that the Coach and I have been given (not because of our own merit, but because of the grace of God). . . guess what? Yep. Issues. They refer to it as baggage or being "broken" when we enter marriage. We have needs that no spouse can fulfill. We have walls that keep our loved ones out. You get the idea.

This doesn't just apply to marriage, either. I watch my kids all day every day (yes, it's Summer) and I see in them, from the time they are tiny, that they have things they struggle with, as well. Some of them enjoy hard work. Some of them avoid it at all costs. Some of them like to work together. Some of them want to be on their own. Some struggle with contentment. Some have a hard time keeping their mouth shut (have NO idea where they get that). ALL of them seem to avoid changing the toilet paper roll (except for the Coach - he's handy that way).

Wait. I've already been there.

But you get the idea. Yes, parenting is a huge part of it. Some of it is just their personalities, combined with the experiences they have as being a part of this family, school, extended family, church. All of which is shaping them and giving them the filters through which they see the world. I'm sure I've giving my kids lots of issues that they will have to work through, later. Ugh. I'm also working very hard to guard and protect them from things that will harm them for life.

At some point, I guess it's inevitable that we realize that each of us is "broken" in some way or another. Each of us has things we don't handle well, hear wrong (because of past hurt), or avoid. To think that I'm responsible for guiding these eight souls through the pitfalls of life (at least right now) is daunting, to say the least.

When we DO realize that we all have issues, we can have two responses. We can throw in the towel (and a lot of people do - I've done it myself, at times). Or we can throw ourselves at the feet of Jesus.

Our only hope is in Him. He can heal. He can give us the grace to forgive. He can give us the strength to show compassion when we want to get revenge. He can take our weaknesses and make them our strengths.

So you have issues? Your issues have their own issues? Me, too. Lay it all at His feet. Know it won't change overnight (it rarely does), but He will work. Maybe that's one of the best things about getting older. Being able to look back and see that when it seemed as if there was no hope, He was working all the time.

Happy Wednesday!


Daisy Girl said...

What a great post! I've got quite a few issues right now... and they have their own issues.... so I totally understand! Thanks for the encouragement, friend!

Jenn said...

OK, I checked this book out from the library & then had to return it without even reading it. I guess I need to get on the list to get it again.

Jen S said...

Good post, Karen. So good to be reminded that we are all broken and all need Jesus.