Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Because a blog just isn't a blog without pictures. . . or is it?

The Coach and Son #1 made it home SAFELY and ON TIME on Saturday. My birthday. Ahhhhh.
Next best thing was breakfast and a pedicure with my two best friends before the plane arrived.
That night my parents brought Ted's for dinner. Lovely.
Things are somewhat back to normal here. Sort of. More on that later.

It has occurred to me that I have ceased to include pictures here at Mrs. Troop.

It's not intentional.

Most of the time? My kids have the camera.
Here is a sampling of the more recent (or not so recent) downloads:

Little Man's third birthday. Doesn't this make you smile?

He's the hunter/gatherer type. Helping Daddy in the back yard.

Have no idea about the beads on Son's (#4) head. But the strawberries were yummy!

Daughter (#5) zoned out on the computer. American Girl Games, if I had to guess.

Self-portrait by Daughter (#7). That kept her busy for hours.

So now I feel better and you've seen a few of my kids. Maybe tomorrow I'll get to that "New Roof: Before and After" picture post. Or the "Lamb Cake" I made back in March.

What's that you say? You don't care about what our new roof looks like and Easter was a long time ago?

OK. How about some pictures of the Coach and Son's (#1) welcome home?

Consider it done!


Daisy Girl said...

I want to see some pics from Brazil! Have a great Thursday, friend!

Zimms Zoo said...

What? A pedicure? You lucky!! said in Napoleon Dynamite voice.

I am so glad they got back OK. Now we need to see you guys at the farm with the entire family! Tell the Coach he can't keep hiding from us. hehe

And we need a date for next week!

Jenn said...

Happy belated birthday! A pedicure? HEAVEN on earth! You make me feel less guilty about not doing pictures online very often. Thank you for that. :)

Daisy Girl said...

Love the pictures! Happy birthday weekend! It was so fun to see you!