Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Well. It's Thursday. Let me think. . .

1. The Coach and Son #1's safe arrival in Brazil. Took 5 days instead of 1, but they made it! And saw a lot of new places in the process. Salt Lake City, NYC, Sao Palo, Manaus, etc.

2. Safety during five days at the Farm with the seven kids (without the Coach!). Enjoyed time with grandparents and friends, swimming in the pond, riding the ATV's, roasting marshmallows, watching movies. Lovely.

3. Lots of projects to do here at home. No chance of getting bored! Time is passing quickly and there is still a lot to do!

4. OH! School is out! We went straight from the end of school, to the departure of our men, to time at the farm. But YEAH for Summer!

5. A great school year. It wasn't an easy one in some ways. But we learned a lot. Grew a lot. Were stretched and tried. All good.

6. Not being able to sleep well without the Coach here. Let me tell you, I am getting SO much done! HA! Another 9 nights and I'll be caught up on everything there is to catch up on! Of course I may also go completely nuts, but that's another thing all together.

7. Sweet family and friends. We've have felt so loved with all of the people checking on us, inviting us over, offering to help. What a blessing!

8. Only 9 more days! (Have I said that already?)

9. Time with my kids. I am really enjoying them when I'm not frustrated with them (just being real, here). They've been great. Helped so much with packing up for the farm and packing up to come home. Babysitting so I can get groceries, run errands, helping with projects, etc. I know they miss their dad, too, but they've been great.

10. The opportunity for the Coach and Son #1 to spend this time in Brazil. I'm just so grateful. Grateful for the new perspective they will have. The lessons they will learn. The maturing that I know will happen in Son #1. Our prayer for our kids has always been that sharing the love of Christ will be their heart's passion.

And now? Going to clean out the garage. I've been thinking about what the Coach would like to see finished when he gets home. Working on the list little by little. Happy to have so many helpers. Even if it is HOT outside! :-)

Happy Thursday!


The Adventures of Treasure's Island said...

whew that's a long time away from the husband and him away from you guys! sounds like you are already have a great summer! praying for their safe and quick return.

The Zookeeper said...

Do you think that you can get to my house by say Saturday? I still have a long list.

Jenn said...

OK, so you've probably missed my blog because I haven't posted on it much lately & you have so much else to keep up with in life. :)