Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Well. . . here goes.

1. That I'm getting used to being alone at night and am sleeping better after two weeks. (although it makes me sad, too, that I've "gotten used to it.")

2. That the leak in the A/C unit in the attic is fixed (hopefully!). Thank you, Lord! And thanks to the roofer, my daddy and the guys working on it.

3. For the Venti White Chocolate Mocha (non-fat, no whip, of course) that I downed this morning while out running 100 errands. OK, 99 errands. I felt guilty at first for buying it AND drinking it. But I got over it when the caffeine kicked in.

4. For a clean house and clean sheets. Ahhhh. And a mom who helps.

5. For sisters-in-law and nephews and nieces that have made these two weeks go so much more quickly!

6. For a pool to "borrow".

7. That there is not a "mending pile" any longer in this house.

8. Or a ironing pile.

9. Wal-mart one mile away - I'll be there tomorrow. At least once.

10. For the much. much. much. shorter to do list after the late nights working while the Coach has been gone. Of course, "clean out my desk" is still on there. Ugh.

11. That the countdown has begun!

(To when the Coach and Son #1 get home, that is!)

Tomorrow will be full with baking, cleaning, grocery shopping and getting things in spiffy order for their arrival. Along with ferrying boys home from basketball camp, ferrying a girl to a birthday party and back and hopefully getting my hair colored (thanks in advance, Mom!).

Then Saturday morning, bright and early - breakfast with two of the sweetest friends ever! Can't wait to talk both of them to death and hear what's going on in both of their very busy lives, as well. What a treat!

All of which will bring me quickly and happily to the Coach's soon return on Saturday afternoon.

(I already have butterflies in my stomach!)

Happy Thursday!


Shannonigans said...

Oh how similar our lives are:D
Pretty sure we have a leak in our air conditioner. 84 degrees at 8:00 at night...never a good sign!

1/2 that family is gone and I have a HUGE to do list! Well on my way to crossing things off.

Helps that Barry has worked late...means I can work late too. Miss my guy but will be thankful to get through this stuff!

I so hope to get my hair colored next week:D

Gonna be in OKC in July...was hoping to catch up to you:D

Glad your guys will be home soon!

Daisy Girl said...

Happy Birthday friend!!! I am so thankful for you!!!!