Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years? Already?

My lack of blogging certainly hasn't been for lack of material.

Lack of time? Yes!

Lack of material? Certainly not!

We've had a lovely Christmas Break. We've spent many a Christmas with someone home sick. . . I'm so grateful that this year we were all well and able to enjoy the time (at least until I came down with this nasty cold).

But you know what?

It's a LOT of work enjoying a holiday. For a mom, anyway.

I love having my kids all home. I love how they holler and laugh while playing games. I love that get out the airsoft guns and have wars in the backyard. I love that they devour all of the baking I can crank out of the kitchen. I love watching them shoot baskets on our backyard court. I love smelling the smoke from the firepit while my little pyromaniacs build big fires. I love snuggling on the couch with kids on my lap, on my right and left, on my feet, and sometimes on my head, while we watch old movies. I love sleeping in on days when we don't have to get up to run (the Coach is one tough trainer!). I love having the Coach home more during the day.

It's delightful.

However. . . it's virtually impossible to keep things neat and orderly. And clean. Ugh!

Cooking. Dishes. Laundry. Doctors appointments. Basketball practices. Errands. I'm grateful I have so much help with it all. As the kids get bigger I'm becoming more of a "manager". I keep things going and make sure it's all getting done - but they do SO much of the work that it takes to keep this home running smoothly.

I may not remember the details of these busy, fun, exhausting years (especially when there isn't time to blog about it!). I may not remember what movies we watched over this Christmas (even if I stayed home for a nap while the Coach took the kids to see "Voyage of the Dawn Treader"). Or what games were our favorite this year (Rumikub!). What puzzles we put together. Or what special things I made for dinner at night. I may not remember what I got for Christmas from the Coach (yea for new clothes that fit!) or what gifts made my troops smile the biggest (RC helicopters, Hexbugs, American Girl bakery sets).

But I will remember being here all together. Being home and enjoying each other. Laughing. Until there are tears in my eyes (the Coach's new running tights had us all rolling on the floor!). I will remember the kids and their JOY at the fun of Christmas. The lights, the nighttime stories, the songs. Sharing the amazing GIFT of our Savior with my little ones. And big ones. Their delight at sharing their love for Him and how they've been changed by His forgiveness.

I've tried to spend some time with each one of the kids: Lego store with Son (#4), boot shopping (where DID his "cowboy" style come from?) with Son (#1). Sonic drinks and errands with Son (#3) and homecoming dress shopping with Daughter (#2). Good thing I have a few more days/kids to go!

The Coach and I finally made it out for our official anniversary celebration last night (two weeks late - not bad!). We watched table after table at a fabulous steakhouse in our town (that was SOME giftcard!) fill and empty over and over while we lingered over our delicious food and complimentary red velvet cake with "Happy Anniversary" written in chocolate. Then we went onto Starbucks and enjoyed coffee together while talking more about all that's going on with the troops.

You know what? I've never ONCE regretted marrying my Coach. Along with all of the challenges, it has been one of the greatest joys of my life to learn to love each other and enjoy the blessing of marriage. It's good to take time to remember that now and then. In the craziness of life. . . I'm always glad he's here sharing it with me.

So maybe I haven't had time to post all that's gone on here in the last few weeks. I'm sure I'll forget a lot. But one thing I know. . .

We are so blessed.

We thank the Lord for His goodness to us this year. There have been some painful things. There have been some wonderful things. And a whole lot of just daily life things. God is still on His throne. He still loves us. And that's enough.

Now it's probably about time to start fixing our New Year's Eve Buffet - my kids LOVE it when I put all of the food out and let them "graze" all evening and eat in the living room! Or maybe I'll go check on the fire in the firepit out back - it looks BIG. Or maybe I'll just sit here and finish my blueberry tea and nurse my cold for a few minutes longer while the Coach sits next to me reading his new book.

Either way. . .

May the Lord bless you and keep you in 2011.

Happy New Year!

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Susan said...

Many blessings sweet friend. I love reading about your family. I miss the fact that we do not have more children to share time with. Maybe some day God will show us the ones He wants us to enjoy. Family celebrations were slim around here this year. May God bless you and yours richly this year. And tell the Coach I can't wait to see those running tights at CHA! - I am sure they are dress code. HA!