Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Sometimes it makes me cry to love eight little people (one of whom is bigger than I am, now) so much.

I sit in church with all of them, looking back and forth down the row (at least on Sundays when we get there early enough to find a whole row and can actually sit together) and my heart overflows with the goodness of God and His incredible blessing to us in these kids.

And sometimes?

I cry because they drive me nuts.


But it's Thursday today and I'm thankful for my kids.

One reason why: Little Man. With his dirty t-shirt and blowing raspberries at the camera. He still says to me (in the morning and after naptime, usually), "Mom, I NEED you."

And you know what, Little Buddy? I need you, too. Your snuggles, your kisses, and most of all the challenges you bring, that cause me to spend more time on my knees that I ever thought I'd need.

I need you (and your seven siblings) because you show me my need for Jesus. I can't parent without Him. Without His forgiveness. His grace. His character in my life. (and especially the forgiveness part)

Without these eight reminders? I might forget that, sometimes.

Happy Thursday!


jo said...

You are looking super great there friend! Keep up the good work. So so pretty. And a handsome little man too!

Jen S said...

I agree with Jo~you look fantastic! Glowing! :-)

Dana said...

"I need you because you show me my need for Jesus"...amen to that!! I, too, need those daily (hourly?) reminders! Children are such blessings, in so many ways :-) {don't you just LOVE those after-nap moments?!}