Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tired Tuesday

What day is it?

I think I forgot my name.

Or where I left one of the kids.

You know. . . the one with the big brown eyes.

Never mind.

Anyway, OH MY DEAR HEAVENS. . . how can it be that I haven't written one. single. thing. in three weeks?

I'm ashamed.

And embarrassed.

To be completely honest. . . I've been a bit overwhelmed. Wish I had done a better job of documenting the chaos. I've had some good material, for sure. There just hasn't been time.

To give you the quick run down:

The "Virus Epidemic of 2011" (in which all eight children and this mom got very sick) was followed shortly by the "Dual Snow Storm of 2011" (which gave us the majority of two weeks out of school). That was followed by the end of basketball season for two (Son #1 and Daughter #2), the Presidential Tea for Daughter (#5), various other school projects, reports, posters, etc. Followed by our "Getaway Weekend 2011" which wasn't very restful. To be completely honest.

Can anyone say "Spend a weekend without your children so you can drive 12 hours in 36 AND run a 1/2 marathon?"


The kids sure had fun, though, without us! Ha! So grateful for my parents and our sweet sitter and her family who took them all in.

I guess there is some redemptive quality in the whole thing. We DID enjoy the time by ourselves (blessed QUIET) and meals out (YUM) and I am glad I didn't die.

It was a distinct possibility.

13.1 miles is a LONG way to run. (On a side note, if you regularly run FULL marathons, I don't want to hear about it, OK?)

Just don't tell the Coach that it about killed me. He barely broke a sweat. Let me just say he has some amazing qualities that are VERY difficult to live with. Bleck.

Anyway. . .

It is fortunate that the kids documented the snowstorm on my cell phone. That's a relief. Otherwise we might have forgotten. I do have pictures somewhere of the Presidential Tea. Preciousness. But only one picture of our 1/2 marathon adventures because we were . . . well. . . by ourselves. It's on the Coach's phone. But he has it with him.

So can we just start from scratch? Without feeling the need to go back and hash through the last month? Because I am seriously TIRED.

Let's just go on from here.

Maybe I can even pretend I didn't eat that amazingly delicious Red Robin Cheeseburger on Sunday afternoon.

Because I'm pretty sure if you weigh the calories burned running a half marathon and the Red Robin burger. . . the burger wins.

And that's about it. . .

Unless you want to hear about my blisters or sore hamstrings.


Then we're all caught up, now.

Happy Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

Good gracious! No wonder you have no time to write! Cannot imagine how you fit it all in 24 hour days. Glad you are past the everyone sick stage and am absolutely bursting with pride to have a friend that runs 1/2 marathons! Keep up your good work, you are certainly an inspiration to me to keep striving.