Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

It IS Thursday, right?

I've lost track.

Because after TWO WEEKS of having multiple kids home (sometimes seven) sick, the days have all run together.

And right about the time that the kids were feeling better and could have started heading back to school?

A huge snowstorm hit.

Oh the irony.

Now, don't get me wrong - I LOVE snow days. Christmas Breaks, Spring Breaks, Fall Breaks, days OFF in general are lovely. For the snow days, the Coach is usually home. . . I cook, watch the kids play outside in the snow. . . watch movies and make HUGE batches of hot cocoa.

However. . .

After nursing all eight kids through what appears to have been the longest version of the flu known to man (Daughter #5 missed TWO FULL WEEKS of school). . .

I'm over it.

Before the storm even hit, we'd sucked every bit of FUN out of being all at home together for days on end.

Every. Bit. Of. Fun.

So now. . . on snowday #3, the Coach and I resorted to turning the children into slave labor. The house is clean, the laundry done, folded, and put away, the kitchen clean. . . they even vacuumed under the furniture and organized the toys.

And it's 1:00.

In the afternoon.

They've played outside some. But not for long when the temps are hovering near 0. Ugh. They've watched enough Netflix to kill every brain cell that they have left (and I won't pretend that that is very many). We've even exhausted all of the movies at Blockbuster that we don't either own, have on instant play Netflix, or aren't allowed in our house.

I refuse to cook or bake ONE. MORE. THING. Tomorrow's weigh in will be sad, indeed. Very sad.

But I will still choose to be thankful. There's still lots on my list, today.

1. Healthy kids. The virus seems to be vanquished. And let's just say the kids are back to normal (good and bad)!

2. Healthy Coach. He hasn't come down with it, yet. Thank you, Lord. And pass the IgG.

3. I'm hanging in there. Thought I was going down HARD, yesterday, but three doses of Sambucol later, I'm certain I'll survive.

4. Treadmill. I haven't used it, yesterday or today, but I will. When I feel better. And considering the 18 inches of snow outside, it's a good option to have.

5. Clean House. The Coach is an amazing motivator. Somehow when he says, "Get Busy!" they do. My "could you help me for a bit?" doesn't get much of a response. Ha!

6. My Mom's 4-wheel drive vehicle. Which has enabled the Coach to make his meetings in spite of the weather. And a trip to Walgreens is definitely in our future, today. Even if it's not big enough for everyone to go.

7. A refrigerator and freezer full of food. We could be stuck inside another week or two and have plenty to eat! (not that I'm suggesting that I WANT to be stuck inside another week or two)

8. Diet Dr. Pepper. I had been trying to stay away from it, but these last three weeks it's kept me moving when I didn't think I could.

9. The memories. Sometimes it's hard to get along when you are locked in the house with eight kids. Ok. It's impossible! But I know that the kids will remember this. They'll remember the snow, the flu, the lying on the floor watching movies. And they'll laugh. I hope. Even at the all-out mega-fights that have been raging.

10. Rescheduled hair appointment, chiropractor, dentist appointments, etc. It will be busy making up for the last few weeks, but we'll get it done.

11. Facebook, e-mail, blogs, and texting. It's completely possible to stay in touch with everyone without leaving your house. That's good and bad.

12. The most patient, loving, forgiving, kind, thoughtful, husband in the world. It's true. The kids have been crabby, I've been crabby, and as the kids have gotten better they've needed his loving but firm hand to scrape them off the ceiling and find something creative to do. I was out of creativity. He's stepped in and kept us all working hard and doing right. A big task.

SO. . . for now I'm going to assume that we will have school, tomorrow. In spite of the fact that the roads really aren't any different than they have been. Ha! A girl can HOPE, can't she??

The big boys are playing outside in the snow with cousins. . .

The girls are playing Rumikub with the Coach. . .

And I'm thinking this would be a great time to clean the kitchen fridge and freezer. Because they are GROSS!

Happy Thursday to you all, wherever you are. . . in the snowstorms of the Oklahoma plains or Chicago lakes. . . or in Florida where the temps are in the 60's. Just don't text me to tell me how beautiful your weather is, OK?

What are YOU thankful for, today?


kelley said...

I'm thankful that I have the time to watch the ice-sicles form on the awning of our school residence. I'm also grateful that this storm hit before us brand-spankin'-new truck drivers were on the road and got stranded.

Jen S said...

I appreciate your candor! I feel for you!! Hang in there...glad you have your husband home to help!

Shauna said...

Thankful for snow days!! As many as I can get (being the home body I am).
But I totally understand why you're done with the whole thing ~ I'd be there too if I were in your shoes!
Love you & glad to hear you are feeling better!

Corrie said...

I'm so grateful for a marvelous husband and sister who are doing everything with my baby so that I can rest and try not to get the rest of them sick too!