Monday, January 31, 2011

Just a Glimpse

Still have sick kids this morning. Five, to be more accurate. But things do seem to be improving. Somewhat. Besides that one was up all night with the vomit monster (you didn't want to know that, did you? Sorry!).

One more returned to school, today. And one is spending her first school day at home. So they are trading places. However, now that ALL eight kids have gotten sick - it can only get better. Right? (please say yes)

In the meantime, a couple of pictures of our Friday night homecoming. Daughter (#7) was the Kindergaren representative . . .

and Daughter (#2) was the 8th grade nominee.

We had a fun time finding dresses, shoes, jewelry. A sweet friend did Daughter's (#2) hair and makeup while I curled Daughter's (#7). I was so grateful for the help after a week of sick kids. No wait. Two weeks of sick kids. It's all running together!

That's all for now. By the time I run the home cafe, administer medications and provide company, comfort and entertainment. . . my day is full!

Happy Monday!

If you want to see other homecoming pictures from years past, you can find them here:

I wasn't blogging back when Daughter (#2), Son (#3) and Son (#4) were in Kindergarten. Maybe I'll get around to posting all of those someday.

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