Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tired Tuesday

Happy Tuesday.

I'm not really THAT tired, I'll be honest. Not in the sense of "lacking sleep", anyway.

That's one of the many blessings of the kids getting older. More consistent sleep.

I AM tired of sick kids. Not tired of the KIDS, mind you (well. . . ), but the fevers, the fatigue, the head-aches, the coughing. Bless their hearts.

And I WILL be tired of all the make-up homework that will start flooding my house as soon as they all make it back to school (they WILL make it back to school, right?).

But mostly? I'm thankful. . .

For Netflix movies and 99 cent Blockbuster kids movies.

For free Chick-fil-A chicken biscuits this morning (I let Son #3 have mine, though). And the drive-through with a van full of pajama clad, blanket wrapped kids.

For a dishwasher that's been running non-stop.

For clean laundry (and the washer and dryer that make it possible).

For Clorox cleaning wipes, Lysol, Glade plug-ins and candles.

For a sweet daddy who brings Starbucks on my 8th day of having kids home sick.

For a husband who walks in the door at night and rolls up his sleeves and HELPS.

For a vacuum.

For five pallets on the playroom floor for five sick kids.

For Tylenol Jr. meltaways (or the generic version thereof).

For Gatorade.

For Sam's size versions of hot chocolate mix and Chai tea mix.

For an amazing, generous, kind doctor who answers my e-mails and phone calls.

For IgG (which seems to have kept the Coach and I healthy - so far). Trying not to regret the fact that I hadn't been giving it to all of the kids, too.

For precious teachers who call, e-mail and Facebook to check on my kids.

For Amish Friendship Bread. Makes the whole house smell yummy.

For homemade chicken noodle soup in the crockpot.

For a Grandmother who is willing to take a HEALTHY Little Man (who is driving his sick siblings crazy) to Bible Study so we can have a break from his endless energy.

For a dresses and shoes for Friday's homecoming for Daughter (#2) and Daughter (#7). Would appreciate prayers for our family that we will all be well so we can go!

For only one more long run left in our training for the Austin Marathon. Tapering here we come!

For the fact that I can still walk after all the running we've been doing. Ha! 24 miles last week!

For great teenagers. I've missed being at their games, lately.

For the Coach's Nook. And that he leaves it at home during the day.

For sunshine.

For Windex.

For laughter.

Yes. . . I know it's not Thursday. But I'm thankful.


Daisy Girl said...

I'm so confused. :) So you are switching to Tuesdays for your thankful thursday list? I need a nap. Can't process this all. Love your list. Can you send your dad over with Starbucks and a start of Amish friendship bread? I would be really grateful.

Daisy Girl said...

Oh,and I want to see pics of homecoming!