Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday!

It's a new year, we're half way through the school year, Christmas has been celebrated, enjoyed, and packed away for another year, and I thought it was about time to get back to my Thursday lists! Yeah!

1. Clean House (except I'm noticing all of the dried leaves that have been tracked in).

2. Laundry done. Now just to put it all away!

3. Ironing done. I have not followed in my mother's footsteps in the ironing department. She irons EVERYTHING. I only iron about once or twice a year. Maybe.

4. New towels in our master bathroom (thanks, Mom!). I feel like I'm in a fancy SPA every time I take a shower, now. Well. . . except for the banging on the door.

5. All of the Christmas "treats" have been eaten. Whew! Glad I survived. I did gain last week at my WW meeting. Just being honest. But overall I'm still more than 30 pounds down since last Spring. It's about the long-term for me, at this point. I'm back on track!

6. Week three of 1/2 marathon training going well. The first two weeks were while the Coach was home for Christmas break - how fun is that? Next week will be tough, with my longest run EVER (10 miles). And it gets worse. Ha!

7. Beautiful weather, yesterday and today. It's not going to last, but I would LOVE a snow day next week!

8. Lots of Thank You notes to write. I am so grateful for all of the precious family and friends that I can say "thank you" to.

9. New Nike visor to wear while I run (thanks to my kids!). I only dream of looking cute in a hat, but the visor is super comfortable and keeps the sun out of my eyes and off my skin.

10. Precious, talented, committed, Christian, creative, amazing teachers for my kids. The Coach and I counted 38 teachers and faculty (from Kindergarten to 9th grade) that teach our kids every day they are in school. Wow! And I am blessed to count many of them as my good friends.

11. Time in Branson with the Coach's family before Christmas and time with both families on Christmas Day. And any time we feel the need to turn a regular evening into a "party", my parents are usually willing to come!

12. A day at home. It's been awhile. Very needed around here.

13. Great kids. We have our moments. I know I'm far from the perfect mom. Some days I'm not even a "good" mom. God's grace is so abundant. We have amazing kids who are growing into amazing adults. Love them so very much. And I even like them most of the time!

14. No meltdowns this morning. Yeah! School started on Monday and it's been a rough transition from sleeping in and jammies all day. . . but today it all clicked. Thank you, Lord! (7:00 bedtimes have sure helped!)

15. Tomorrow is Friday!

I'm going to have to really focus these next few weeks on all that I have to be thankful for so that I don't get overwhelmed. The school year really stays busy from January through March. Science Fair, Homecoming (for TWO of our girls!), Presidential Tea, Speech Meet, basketball season, all while running more miles each week than I'm used to, and trying to wrap up my weight loss and get to my goal weight.

How grateful I am, today, that God is sovereign. I can trust Him no matter what circumstances enter my life, today (and YES - chocolate milk has already been spilled on "the" chair. Sigh.).

And now, I have a little man climbing all over me AND my computer. . . time is up!

Happy Thursday! What are YOU thankful for, today?


Anonymous said...

I am very thankful that my last son is now reading and enjoying it!
I am thankful to have gotten a big cleaning project completed today!
I am thankful for my wonderful children- teenagers have emotions, but I love them all!
I am thankful for a night out with my special man.
Thankful for the beautiful, fluffy white snowfalkes that just casually, sauntered down to the ground today. They are peaceful and white!
Happy Thursday to you as well!

Corrie said...

I'm very thankful for a little man who has decided to sleep till from 11 pm 5:30-7ish rather than waking up at 2:45am!(Why am I still so exhausted??)