Monday, January 10, 2011

I try. Really, I do.

What is it with kids and pets? Why do kids think they NEED a pet? That life isn't complete without one?

I wasn't that way.

Of course I cleaned my room without being asked, too.

My kids are desperate.

You'll remember we tried the dog thing. I was a good sport about the whole thing for the most part. Never mind that the little kids and I were home all day with the beautiful monster of a dog.

The Coach finally realized it wasn't working. The kids were even relieved.

Another chapter in the troops was closed.

About 2 years ago we started the fish tank in the boys' room.

It hasn't been too bad.

Lots of dead fish, but fortunately the boys are pretty much OK with that. They are tough (the boys, I mean) and just start asking when we can go to Petco for a replacement. On the positive side, we've gotten to care for lot of different kinds of fish. Ha!

I haven't had to deal with any of the dead fish. In spite of the pet store guy warning us that dead fish poison the tank with ammonia? I just leave them there until the boys get home.

Sad, I know.

There was the phase when Little Man tried putting everything that wasn't nailed down INTO the fish tank (stupid little hinged door on top of the tank!).

A bad of Cheetos was probably the worst.

OH. I forgot. The worst was the ENTIRE can of fish food. Bleck. Took MONTHS to get the water clear. And I'm pretty sure there were casualties from the incident.

But it's been a good experience. Son (#3) is the official "owner" of the fish and he's been very responsible.

I really am a good sport. I hardly flinched when the Coach took the girls to get a small tank for water frogs this weekend (in spite of the fact that I had successfully put them off for months, now).

Didn't say a word when they got the tank all set up so it could run for 24 hours before they brought frogs home to occupy it.

And when they DID get two tiny, slimy, disgusting frogs, yesterday, I even went in and smiled at their excitement.

I try.

But this morning? When Little Man came running out saying, "I DID NOT put anything in the frog's water, Momma!"?

I lost it.

It's all fine and good when there are 7 older kids here to keep an eye on him. But when they all leave for school and it's just him and me here in the house all day?

I can't spend the entire time just making sure he's not messing with the frogs!

Granted, it wasn't a bag of Cheetos or the whole jar of frog food (who knew there WAS such a thing?). No. I made the girls HIDE the food. I won't make THAT mistake, twice.

It was just jewels from one of their headbands that had been sitting on the counter so I could fix it with hot glue.

No harm.

Then I noticed something.

Something alarming.

ONE frog.

Not TWO.


This is bad. Really bad.

Little Man doesn't seem to know where it is, either. And I think he would tell me if it had jumped out (the Coach says they don't jump, but what does he know? He's at work!) while he was opening the lid.


No one in the whole universe seems to share my total lack of need to have any pets in my house. Is there something wrong with me?

We had dog when I was growing up. And outside dog.

We had gerbils. They were like large mice, in my mind. Eeeewww.

I don't remember fish or birds, but we may have even had those. The only cat was before I came along (I'm deathly allergic).

I must be missing that "I love pets" gene.

Unfortunately I'm also missing a frog.

I'm sure it will turn up. Pre or post dried-up, who knows? I'd rather find it on purpose than on accident, though.

This is the life of a mom. Taking care of fish and frogs and dogs that are out of control. I don't do it because I love animals. I don't. Unless it's from a long ways away and there is glass or a fence in between us.

But I do love my kids.

Now, where IS that frog?


Daisy Girl said...

Nice. Good luck with that! :)

amber said...

oh, i loved this Karen! i hear ya. i'm usually the one pushing to let the kids get something, because yes.. they're so desperate and irresistibly cute when asking! but within the first week i'm like, "WHAT was i thinking!!!" ;)

i keep reminding myself of that now as they're begging for a dog!

happy monday~ and i sure hope that frog turns up!

Blommom said...

Laugh! Hopefully you'll be able to look back when the kids grow up and chuckle about it.
My uncle used to have some tanks, and one time a frog got out and my grandmother stepped on it during the middle of the night. Just a word of encouragement. :)

The Adventures of Treasure's Island said...

okay this post is funny. i am the same way. i mean i can't keep a real plant alive to save my life, i'm actually doing pretty good with my kids making it to the ages they are. we've had several dead fish also. we had a nasty, moldy covered snapping turtle from grandma's pond - until he keep getting out into the street. i do like how the ad at the end of this post was for dog pet food! :)

in the spring every year we have a huge influx of toads. i've run over several, found several dead ones in the dog's water and a couple in the house! yuck!

Zimms Zoo said...

I think of this while we are cleaning up after the puppy while The Zookeeper is at work.
I am not a pet lover at all. I was secretly waiting for the cat to die so I could jump for joy. Kinda like I did when #5 was potty trained and I thought that we were done.
You are not the only one. But kids just don't seem to get it. haha!

Brooke said...

Elijah's teacher has frogs in the classroom (along with a bird, a gerbil, a gecko, fish, and a meal worm farm... seems like I'm forgetting something!) Anyway, they escape... on their own without any help from little children. These are small black frogs (maybe toads), and somehow they let themselves out of the tightly closed cage.
So, good luck with them :) We have a pair of gerbils (the kids' first pets) that we not-so-affectionately call "the rats". I'm much happier with our mellow kitten we got back in October... He's a mess too, but the cuddles are worth it.

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you. I definitely did not get the "I love pets" gene! And I don't care to get it either!

Have fun hunting for that frog!

Shauna said...

First ~ how is it I've talked to you at least 3 times today and I had no idea about the frogs?? Second ~ I did get the love animals gene. There's no way one could have been raised by my mother and not LOVE animals. We always had pets. I don't remember a time when we didn't have at least two or three. Still, I'm not the fanatic she is because they are soooo much work and I do have a list of qualifications that should be met before they live with us. Three out of four's not too bad I guess. Hope the frog turns up soon!

Anonymous said...

What an adventure! I hope this hoppy addition shows up at an appropriate time! Your son is a hoot! (Sounds like someone around here!) What a special mom you!

jjbrown03 said...

I'm with my sis (and you) on this one. We definitely missed out on that gene.