Friday, January 28, 2011

Tomorrow is Coming!

Sitting here with my Diet D.P. and some Sunchips (the cheesy kind, as my kids would say) - one of my favorite treats - even if I usually have to use some weekly pointsplus to enjoy them.

The two big boys (Son #3 made it back to school, yesterday - hooray!) are watching Pirates of the Caribbean in the playroom. The little girls (and Little Man) are watching Little House in the Prairie in the Living Room.

And it's quiet.

Sort of.

The windows are open. The delightful breeze is blowing through our previously stuffy house. Candles are lit. The dishwasher and dryer are humming. And there's plenty of coughing, too.

As much as I desire to live in the present moment of life. . . to enjoy where I AM. . . to be grateful for TODAY (because it is such a gift - I know that). . .

I have to admit I'll be relieved when tomorrow comes.

I'm sad that we haven't enjoyed this FUN week of school with all of the homecoming activities, dress up days, etc. Two of the kids are missing field trips, today. I hate that for them.

However, the fact that Daughter (#2) is WELL is such as answer to prayer. All of our prayers. . . and yours. . . and so many others. She's excited to be in homecoming, tonight. I'm excited for her. My heart is full of gratefulness for my sweet friend who is helping with her hair and makeup, too, this afternoon. It will be so much fun!

Daughter (#7) is still puny, but well enough to go walk in and out, I think. Praying she won't feel miserable and can enjoy being a "princess" for a few moments. Bless her heart.

So tomorrow? When the school week, homecoming events, and my 12 mile run are all over with (Lord willing and the run doesn't do me in!)?

I'll breathe a sigh of relief.

Because even though I'm trying to enjoy right NOW. I can't wait for some things to be over.

And when the kids are all finally better (let's pray that it's SOON!). . .

I'll breathe another sigh of relief.

I know there's always something to work on. . something looming. . . something on the horizon. My to do list will never go away. The piles won't either. The projects will keep coming (but OH how I love that my big kids are responsible and do most things on their own!). The house will need cleaned, again. And again. The laundry will need to be done over and over. And I'm choosing to be grateful that this particular virus hasn't affected the kids' appetites - even if I'm tired of being the resident short-order cook (fruit smoothie, anyone?).

God gives the grace and strength for each day.

But I know it will ALL be easier to handle once we get the troops feeling well, again.

Happy Friday!

Thanks eversomuch for your prayers.
(And can I just say how much I love the music on Pirates of the Caribbean?)


Daisy Girl said...

We want to see pictures of homecoming!!!!

Shauna said...

Your girls were such a delight! Absolutely beautiful inside and out!